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Between the Lines

Thanks to all who participated in the Princeton


Trade Fair and the U.S. 1 Technology Showcase on August 28. The


registered a record number of exhibitors. More than 70 people came

to hear the talk by Ed Felten, who stayed long past the hour to answer

questions. Dave Aiello wrote his appreciation:

I‘m writing to tell you that Dr. Edward W. Felten’s

talk entitled "Whose Computer is It Anyway?" delivered at

the U.S. 1 Technology Showcase on August 28 was both enlightening

and entertaining. Dr. Felten spoke to a very diverse audience,


a cross-section of the local technology-using community. It was clear

to me that scientists, entrepreneurs, small business people, and


hackers listened intently, and got all of their follow-up questions


My company has recently invested time and effort in developing


that allows operators of third-party websites to create profitable

relationships with Amazon is encouraging companies like

CTDATA to build website tools that drive more business into their

virtual stores. Although our dealings with Amazon are generally


and profitable to us and our clients, there have been several


where Amazon has changed the terms under which our software operates

and the functionality of the gateways that they allow us to use.

U.S. 1 provided me with a valuable opportunity to make Dr. Felten

aware of the issues that my company has faced, and to ask him his

opinion of how affiliate relationships of this nature are likely to

change over time. Without this opportunity, I probably would not have

been able to get a direct answer to my question from one of the


figures in the emerging field of customers’ rights to intellectual


Dave Aiello

CTDATA Corp., East Windsor

Sharing the Canyon

I appreciated the August 13 cover story on riding the

Colorado River by Bill Potter. However, in my opinion, the white water

and the rapids are but a meager part of a trip down the river. The

real "trip" is the majesty of the canyon itself. One can get

white water and adrenalin rushes in any one of a number of places

. . . but there is only one place you can experience what some Native

Americans knew as the sipapoo of mother earth . . . the Grand Canyon.

The various Colorado River Expedition companies, and your newspaper,

would do better justice to more potential participants and readers

with less emphasis on macho, by nurturing of spirit. My only other

recommendation is to experience the canyon with one or more friends…

like life, the spirit of such a journey, is one best shared.

Jeremy Pollack


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An August 27 article on Dynamic Strategies stated that 30 employees

worked offsite at a client company. In fact it has 40 employees at

its office on Melrich Road, not at company sites. Also, the company

moved from Farmingdale in New Jersey, not New York.

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