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Between the Lines

Whether you use the term "downsizing" or "rightsizing,"

many savvy firms are devising new schemes to survive the lagging economy.

We regularly print stories about entrepreneurs and public companies

who have, under stress, devised intelligent ways to serve their clients

and meet their payrolls.

In this issue read about how a small company (Mainsail Associates,

page 4) and a big company (Opinion Research Corporation, page 44)

are meeting those challenges, in part by moving to different spaces.

A third entrepreneur, unfortunately, has had to close her doors (page


Though everyone is feeling the pinch now, it seems like just yesterday

that the dotcoms were the ones taking the hit. The headline "Dotcom,

Dotgone" turned into a cliche. But when we looked at Internet-based

companies from three years ago, we found that some are doing surprisingly

well. You will find stories for nine of them, starting on page 10.

Our thanks to Stan Kephart for transforming an array of head shots

into a whimsical scene of Internet survivors on our cover.

They are, from left to right, JanMarie Zwiren of Publicis eHealth

Solutions (page 42), Raj Lakhanpal of (page 10), Mike

Meighan, president of BAMnet (page 11), Niki Fielding of Digital Brand

Expressions (page 41), David Sobin, formerly of a division of Ariel,

now CEO of BAMnet (page 11), Michael Simmons, formerly of Princeton

Internet Solutions (page 39), and Flint Lane, formerly of Paytrust

and founder of Factor Systems (BillTrust, page 40).

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In the cover story on VivoMetrics (July 16), Andy Behar

lives in Ventura, California, not in Manhattan, and Marvin Sackner

MD is a pulmonologist. Also, the company’s product, the LifeShirt,

does not "give" energy expenditure, core temperature, and

CO2 output. Rather, it estimates those values. And this quotation,

"the company is creating an environment where a patient can have

a 24-hour cardio-pulmonary kinetic profile," should have said

the patient "is viewed" in terms of that profile.

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To the Editor

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the reviews

of Opera Festival of New Jersey’s productions of "Eugene Onegin"

and "Wozzeck" by Elaine Strauss (U.S. 1, July 16). My husband

and I attended both, including the final performance of "Wozzeck"

on July 19. It was the first time we had seen "Wozzeck," although

we had heard it via the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts.

I read Ms. Strauss’s review both before and after the performance,

and she really described the production, music, and staging perfectly

and intelligibly.

We have been attending OFNJ since moving to East Windsor three years

ago and can only agree with Ms. Strauss that it is too bad the season

presented by this professional opera company is over.

Barbara Brown


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