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Between the Lines

Here at U.S. 1 Newspaper, as elsewhere, the New York Times holds sway as "the newspaper of record." Thus, we were happy to discover our own Simon Saltzman quoted as a contributor to Alvin Klein's September 20 feature story on Paper Mill Playhouse. Saltzman (although spelled "Salzman," and identified only as "a theater reporter") shared boyhood memories of attending Paper Mill performances with his family, from his home in Hillside, via the No. 48 bus.

A professional critic since the mid 1970s, who has managed to see and review every Broadway and most Off-Broadway shows for close to two decades, Saltzman is active in the 60-member Outer Critics Circle, Drama Desk, and the American Theater Critics Association. He writes about professional theater in New Jersey and New York for U.S. 1.

Rivalry among newspapers is legendary -- or at least it used to be when a good-sized American city had a dozen or more dailies competing for a "scoop." So how could we help but gloat when, the same week that the New York Times was hearing from our own Simon Saltzman, a feature story on Alpacas was featured in the Business Day section. Calling alpacas, "a modern-day golden fleece at $5,000 a head and up," the Times reporter captured the spirit of Pat Summers' feature on alpacas as an investment opportunity, published in U.S. 1 just two weeks earlier.

Our September 9 story on where to donate used cars and computers -- and where to get donations -- continues to get comments. Connie Mercer of HomeFront called to point out that your old but drivable car can be put to excellent use to help her homeless (or formerly homeless) clients who are desperately trying to enter the workforce. Your car donated to HomeFront (formerly the Exchange Club) may help someone get off welfare, and you will get the tax deduction as well. Call 609-989-9417; fax, 609-989-9423.

When a Bunn Drive-based therapist called to ask where she could donate her old Apple computer, we gently said that, according to our research, no one would want her very old model. The very next week we learn we were probably wrong. A brand-new nonprofit, Trenton Waste Management, has just received an Environmental Protection Agency grant to broker the exchange of everything from computers to pencils. Call Carol M. Royal at 609-921-3393; fax, 609-924-6632 for a donation or request inventory form.

Some of you may wonder how your business can get its name in U.S. 1 -- or any other newspaper, for that matter. We can't promise a magic bullet, but we can say that Richard K. Rein will address that subject on Tuesday, October 6, at the Trenton Small Business Week conference. See page 14 for more information about that valuable conference and for reports on other central New Jersey business resources. We can assure you: You will not find this same information in the New York Times.


THE CORRECT E-MAIL address for J.A.R. Engineering Inc., the consulting engineering company at 314 Wall Street, formerly known as M. Benton & Associates Inc., is

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