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Between the Lines

You can’t help noticing the U.S. 1 Health and Fitness

Directory included free in this issue. Among the 1,358 listings you

will find contact information for 423 doctors, 142 dentists, 51 chiropractors,

and 168 fitness establishments, including 18 dance studios, 12 martial

arts schools, and 9 riding academies.

Did we miss somebody? Of course. This is no Yellow Pages knockoff.

As with all U.S. 1 directories, our primary source of information

is our delivery team. Every Wednesday two dozen deliverers fan out

to offices and storefronts from North Brunswick to Franklin Corner

Road and from Exit 8A to Hopewell, taking the paper to 4,247

businesses. Most are the "business to business" firms included

in the U.S. 1 Business Directory, but 750 of them are health or

fitness firms. Our deliverers report those that move out and move

in. Then we fax and mail requests for confirmation and chart a gratifying

70 percent response over the last two years.

Category changes often reflect social change: a new Gynecology and

Fertility category includes six infertility specialists. Holistic

centers, such as the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health, probably

deserve their own grouping as well. But any new category raises frustrating

questions. The 10 people who do hypnotherapy are spread among five

different categories, and some want their own grouping. Who among

these will want to be known primarily for that? We can’t guess, but

next year we will ask.

Most of the time we are able to fend off requests for specialty categories

by pointing out that the listing is, after all, free, and that businesses

can choose how to describe themselves. That’s what we said to Catherine

Judd Hirsch, who asked for a special category. Since 1985 her Dance

Improv, Live! group has met on alternate Fridays at the Arts Council

of Princeton for a free-form creative session described as "participatory

dance, a lightly structured workshop in self expression through movement

improvisation and live music." Obviously it’s not the average

dance studio, but we had to stuff it in that category anyway.

Mental health is one set of categories that works well. Of the 230

practices there are 75 psychiatrists, 66 psychologists, 58 social

workers, 53 mental health counselors, and 12 alternative therapists.

For the first three groups, you either have the degree or you don’t.

The fourth group includes any other kind of acknowledged degree (such

as substance abuse counselor), and Alternative Therapists is everyone

else. Most are pleased with the term "alternative." Several

have advanced degrees but have chosen a different focus.

If we made an error, please tell us. You can also find these listings


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Alfredo Tocco, 75, on June 10 from injuries sustained

in a tractor accident. He owned a general contracting company in Princeton

and Evergreen Nursery in Pennington.

Mardi Considine on June 14. She was president of a marketing

firm, Considine Communications. A memorial service will be at Trinity

Church on Thursday, June 19, at 4 p.m.

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