Children’s Hospital

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Between the Lines

To the Editor: From a Blogger

Regarding the article and reference to my blog,,

in "Blogs, Good, Bad, & Dull" (U.S. 1, May 21), I just wanted

to point out one option that was missed in your article, perhaps for

space constraints.

I started my website in 2001 as a source for my old friends and mainly

my family to keep in touch. This was an easy way to show pictures

to my grandmother who really couldn’t figure out how to open files

from her E-mail. My grandfather is blind, and he has special software

that "reads" my site outloud to him. My mother lives vicariously

through me, so this is a great resource for her as well.

Over time, strangers started showing up, so the focus shifted to be

general reporting, as in, an introduction to who we are as well as

a re-telling of my day. It turns out that I have a lot in common with

other bloggers, and the support system out there is immense!

I know of many journals/blogs that are being pulled off the air because

their site has been "discovered" (most notably,

who had a major blowout in her life for her site being discovered. had this issue explode in her life as well — as was

documented in the New York Times just a couple days ago.)

So thankfully, my site is a tame re-telling because I write knowing

that my grandparents read/hear this stuff. It may make my site a bit

less witty than the others, but I don’t fear being discovered.

One last note — this blog is GREAT for tracking when something

happened ("What year did we have that stupid fondue party?"

"Is Marc 24 or 25 this year? Let’s look in the archives….")

My next goal is to have a printable calendar for my group of friends

since we are so constantly planning events. It’s the next best thing

to having our computers networked together!

I hope I am not one of "The Dull…." but if I am, there are

my reasons. Thanks for the attention.

Stace Culver Dayment

Johnston Architects, Seattle, Washington

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Children’s Hospital

WE APPRECIATE the wonderful exposure for Children’s Specialized Hospital

(U.S. 1, May 21), and, of course, the great front page photo, but

we would like to make some corrections:

Dr. Frank Castello has the dual role of medical director and acting


Regarding the statement that "Hamilton Township public school

system strongly endorsed opening the center," Hamilton Township

public schools sent a letter of support for the center, as did Henry

J. Austin Health Center, Family Voices, and Robert Wood Johnson University

Hospital at Hamilton. With respect to referrals: Referrals come from

pediatricians, community groups, schools, and often from parents directly.

Finally, CSH’s Mountainside facility is in Union County, next to Westfield.

Fred Feiner

Public Relations Manager, Children’s Specialized Hospital

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Corrections or additions?

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