What’s Cookin’?

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Between the Lines

To the Editor: Kudos for NERC

I found the article about NERC passing the torch to

Tellurian very interesting. As a NERC customer from their first day,

I can attest to the wonderful service I’ve received from them over

the past several years. I am personally responsible for many, many

referrals to their service — dear friends of mine looking for

good value for their money.

I also applaud the wonderful job that Tellurian has done in smoothing

the transition for us to their service! I had no idea until I read

the article that Robert Boyle was the founder of the company, but

he was the person who not only E-mailed me (almost immediately) to

answer my many questions, but personally assisted me in moving my

web site over to Tellurian — believe it or not, he even re-programmed

the links in my code to save me the trouble! Wow!

I wish my friends at NERC the best in their core business activities:

Mike Gent, Joanne Lamb, Lynn Constantini, Robert Jackson and others

have been a tremendous help to me over the years. I realize that operating

an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business was a little outside their

core competency when they started it, but they developed a very contented

customer base that will miss their friendly, reliable service always!

For my new friends at Tellurian…I wish you the best of success in

your endeavors. I look forward to you continuing to host my not-for-profit,

informational web site and providing reasonable remote dial-up service

for me while I’m traveling. So far, so good, you’ve been a great help

to me. Thanks!

Gerry Jurrens


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What’s Cookin’?

U.S. 1 received an E-mail objecting to our coverage

of Cracker Barrel restaurant ("Southern Cooking fer Yankees,"

May 7). The reader acknowledged that the story was an entertainment

story, not a business story, but claimed that the chain "only

last December dropped its corporate policy of firing any employee

it believes is homosexual" and that the article should have mentioned

that. "This puff piece illustrates that U.S. 1 is way too eager

to kiss up to any new business that opens up in the area," wrote

the critic.

Cracker Barrel spokesperson Julie Davis said this claim is based

on rumor stemming from a 12-year-old an incident. "In 1991, following

the termination of several employees, a vice president for Cracker

Barrel Old Country Store Inc. erroneously issued a written statement

that indicated that the company had a policy against employing gay

or lesbian individuals.That unauthorized announcement was immediately

repudiated and the chairman of the company made it clear in public

statements that Cracker Barrel Old Country Store did not discriminate

on the basis of sexual orientation. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

adheres to the letter and the spirit of the law concerning non-discrination

in the workplace."

Meanwhile in the course of questioning the sexual preference charges,

we found news releases acknowledging that this company was recently

sued for racial discrimination, but that both of the two civil suits

were rejected by a U.S. District Judge.

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