To the Editor: More on the Media

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This article was prepared for the April 9, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Back in February when we wanted to send photographer

Craig Terry to take pictures of Mark and Karen Faille, the farmers

featured in Pat Tanner’s cover story, there was snow on the ground.

We had to postpone the shoot, because we thought it wouldn’t work

to show snow-covered cattle in April. And as we go to press on Tuesday,

April 8, snow covers the ground. So much for weather predictions.

Tanner’s story, nevertheless, is food for thought in any weather.

A Princeton-based food journalist, she also can be heard Saturdays

at 9 a.m. on WHWH 1350 AM.

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To the Editor: More on the Media

Regarding his dismissive letter to the editor about

U.S. 1 (April 2), I hope Herb Hobler will find something nice to write

about Princeton before he moves to Rocky Hill. But, more likely, he

will find something nice to write about Princeton only after he moves


In contrast to his "general lack of interest," I find U.S.

1 a fascinating paper. Barbara Fox’s talent for make arcane science

and business understandable, Kathleen McGinn Spring’s insight into

the lives and feelings of people in their daily work or lack of it,

and Nicole Plett’s critiques of the arts are all outstanding. I always

am better informed each week after I read your newspaper carefully

and curiously rather than cursorily and cynically.

So keep up the good work. Your niche works.

Niels H. Nielsen

President, Princeton Management Consultants Inc.

RECENTLY YOU RAN a review of papers, dailies and weekly, local to

the Princeton area (March 19). More recently a reader responded to

that article to say that he was about to move to Montgomery Township’s

Stonebridge, and lamented the lack of coverage of Montgomery in these

same newspapers (April 2).

There is a paper published monthly, advertiser supported, covering

Montgomery and Rocky Hill, called the Montgomery News. We have been

faithfully reporting the news and covering events in this area since

1995, when it was founded by Linda Bauman. We especially want people

to know the good news about what is happening in Montgomery and Rocky

Hill, and our new neighbors at Stonebridge will not be left out.

We print 16,100 copies a month and mail 15,200 copies to every home

in Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill, gratis. We are also available

at free boxes located at several spots around Montgomery.

We are also online,, with copies of

our articles and links to community groups, schools, churches, and

other organizations.

Cliff Moore

Editor, the Montgomery News


In a Survival Guide story on March 19, Amanda Puppo spoke about telemarketing.

She was incorrectly identified as being connected with Market Entry.

Puppo is the proprietor of MarketReach at Windsor Commons, which is

not related to Market Entry, the firm owned by Katharine Kis

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