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This article was prepared for the March 26, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Whenever we can, we try to tap the talents of freelance

writers with special interest, expertise, or enthusiasm for a particular

subject. For this issue with a "Culture for Kids" theme, we

asked Caroline Calogero to offer advice from her experience as the

mother of four on how to enjoy cultural outings with children. "Embrace

the pace — kids seldom care to read the explanatory signage before

each exhibit," advises Calogero. Her column goes with Brenda Lange’s

Preview section story about a family destination in Bucks County —

the Mercer Museum and Fonthill.

Other regular freelancers bring their particular interests to a range

of subjects. Bart Jackson, known for articles on everything from ecology

and nature to sports and business, is optimistic in his page 6 Survival

Guide piece on "Healing the Sea," telling how oysters in pre-Colonial

times were the size of dinner plates. "Granted, man’s hand has

meted out a swift and harsh devastation. But these sea creatures are

remarkably resilient. Couple that with mankind’s amazing inventiveness

and determination, and we may just be able to renew our seas and restore


But because he had sung in a renowned boychoir in his youth, Jackson

was also our choice to interview musician/educator Ken Guilmartin,

founder of Music Together. (page 26). A Survival Guide story about

another business that offers preschool and after-school classes —

the Baby Power franchise (see page 10) — makes an interesting

contrast to the account of Guilmartin’s company.

Also in this issue: Doug Dixon’s article on how Glenn Paul and Walter

Krieg hope to profit from custom ring tones for cell phones. Dixon,

a Sarnoff researcher and frequent U.S. 1 freelancer, writes under

the Manifest Technology banner and has a website by that name (

When we need a complicated concept explained in simple terms, we turn

to Dixon. When we assigned this story, we thought that the market

for fancy cell phone tones would appeal only to the youth market,

and that it would be a sardonic tip of the hat to a prime consumer

market of "creative teens." Now we know that adults can be

just as anxious to compose as the teeny-boppers.


Last week (March 19) our cover story quoted Paul Cottingham

but spelled his last name as Cunningham. As the owner of PHC Toys Cottingham

installs high-tech media rooms, and a number of other home entertainment

and security devices (

To the Editor

Thank you for publishing the highly articulate and well researched

article by Simon Saltzman on the recent cuts in New Jersey’s arts

funding. The McGreevey administration is apparently oblivious to the

fact that the Biblical phrase "man does not live by bread alone"

is applicable to our state of affairs today just as it was thousands

of years ago.

Mr. Saltzman’s editorial and research provides fresh insights into

the paradox. I would like to add: Is it possible that as our economy

crumbles, that legislative salaries may need to be cut as well?

Nancy Nicholson


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