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Between the Lines

Often someone will call and tell us, either in jest

or in earnest, that they want their company’s picture on the cover

of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Usually we just smile and mumble something polite, but sometimes we

are tempted to issue a warning: Watch out, because you might get what

you asked for. Three of the five photos on this week’s cover are making

a cover appearance for the first time. They are getting their second

chance at a cover opportunity because this issue focuses on downsizings.

During tough times it can be helpful to learn from someone else’s

struggles. And several of our subjects — both on the cover and

in the story that begins on page 39 — can serve as inspiration

in the way they have managed to reinvent themselves.

Milton Chang’s is the most recent photo. Freelancer Michele Alperin

interviewed Chang about his chip design company, Systems on Silicon,

in an upbeat story published just this past April 24, 2002.

We took Mark Sandler’s photo in preparation for a July 11, 2001, cover

story on focus group labs. Sandler’s company, Research 100, had just

opened a special focus group room at Princeton Service Center.

For a cover story on August 12, 1998, we illustrated the business

plan for Jim Medalia’s company JustBalls! with a photo of his head

emerging from a sea of balls. It made a colorful display, and similar

images subsequently appeared in every other publication.

Ariel staffers posed for a picture taken for a cover story published

on February 17, 1996.

Timothy Cottrell had his picture taken for Princeton Teaching Associates

for the issue of November 9, 1994. At that time his office was in

Kingston, next to the Winepress restaurant, and the company was brand

new. Later he would change the name to Princeton Teaching Associates

Software. This company is down, but not out — see page 42.

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To the Editor:

Thank you very much for the article about my company,

NicheUSA LLC (U.S. 1, January 15). You had asked about the price

of my software product, ZoomerOne, for Mercer County schools. Schools

can use the product free for two months. When school districts order

the second one, the price will be $500, which includes a one-year

license and maintenance.

An added detail about my experience at Bell Labs: In charge at that

time was Joe Nacchio, who was competing for the top position at AT&T.

When he did not get that job, he moved on to be CEO of Qwest Communications.

But Nacchio was the one who ordered us to drop whatever we were doing

and report to call centers to spend over one month making telemarketing


Wei-hsing Wang

NicheUSA, L.L.C.

2003’04 Directory

IF CHANGES have occurred at your company in the past year and you

want them reflected in U.S. 1’s newest Business Directory, watch for

a fax or letter that will be arriving in the next week or two. If

your company is a start-up or is new in town, fax us your vital statistics:


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