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This article was prepared for the January 8, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Between the Lines

Some letters float into our physical or electronic in

boxes soft as a feather. Others hit us hard. We winced when we


this little E-mail, with a subject line referring to the front page

of U.S. 1’s January 1 issue:

"I thought I must have mistakenly picked up a copy of the

Trentonian. What a horrible cover photo; after seeing THAT I did not

bother to find out about the related story."

We would normally call that a pot shot, but in this case we

will choose our words more carefully. The writer, Diana Conway of

the Princeton University Press, was apparently objecting to our casual

portrayal of a handgun on the cover, pointed in the direction of —

but not exactly at — the photographer and hence the reader.

We are glad that the image caught this reader’s attention, but it

hurts to think that she never read the article. In fact, the cover

subject’s technology and business plan is based on the hope that guns

can be made safer and smarter so that only their rightful owners can

fire them. Given that attempts to ban handguns have met with total

failure, this approach seems worth considering. Any other reactions?

Fire away.

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To the Editor

I AM DEEPLY GRATEFUL to you and your staff for publishing such a


and uplifting story ("Helping Hands: Advocating for Children and

Offering Jobs to Adults with Autism," December 18). Your newspaper

is not only a remarkable weekly business newspaper but also a guide

to area activities, a human resources directory, and a guide to the

area’s service agencies, as well as opportunities for volunteerism.

Pretty complete, if I do say so.

Peter Dawson of Leigh Photo and Imaging and Constance Martin of the

Center for Health Care Strategies are two prime examples of the


of people residing throughout the Princeton area. They exemplify the

spirit of giving back throughout the year, rather than only through

the holiday season. Volunteerism is the cornerstone of charitable

organizations such as the Eden Institute. Without individuals like

Peter Dawson helping to support Eden’s day to day operations and our

fundraising efforts, I can tell you without equivocation we would

not exist today.

Throughout the Princeton area, there are tens of thousands of


who benefit from not-for-profit organizations. Companies are able

to entice leaders in their industry to relocate to this area because

of the breadth and depth of such services as well as all of the other

quality of life indicators: great schools, arts and cultural


and recruiting opportunities, to name a few. Your newspaper highlights

those issues that make for a quality of life in the Princeton area.

That is why it is eagerly anticipated every week throughout the



David H. Holmes, Ed.D.

President and executive director, Eden Family of


Our article contained one factual error: The upcoming Eden

fundraiser, Eden Moon over Monaco, will be held on Saturday, March

29, at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing — not

at the Kimmel Center.

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