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Between the Lines

Here is a pop quiz: List the single most operative lesson

of the following communique, received from Wei-hsing Wang of NicheUSA

LLC, who wrote regarding a November 27 Survival Guide article on his

company’s Internet search engine, ZoomerOne, and his appearance at

the Princeton Public Library.

"If anyone asks the impact of a U.S. 1 article, here is

an example: With your write-up, there were over 15 phone calls to

Princeton Public Library asking about the event, and on the coldest

night of the winter, the audience filled the room."

You might guess first that it pays to publicize your event in

the pages of our humble journal. You would not be incorrect (and we

have lots of other evidence showing that people really do read this

paper — as opposed to letting it pile up in mounds as our beleaguered

boss describes in his column on page 55 of this issue). But the operative

lesson is that more than 15 people had the good sense to call ahead

to make sure the event was still going on as scheduled.

Here in central New Jersey, a fraction of an inch of snow can cause

panic in the streets. Six or seven inches, such as we had last Thursday,

can shut down the town. Barnes & Noble at MarketFair closed at 2 p.m.

that day, postponing its Saturday Night Live booksigning, and the

Princeton Chamber called off its party at the Nassau Inn.

The chamber rescheduled its networking cocktail party to Tuesday,

December 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. Call 609-520-1776. Kristin Appleget,

the chamber president, had planned for both contingencies, for what

to do if it didn’t snow but everyone canceled, and for how to notify

everyone if snow did cancel the event. She and her staffers called

those who had made reservations. Meanwhile chamber member Chip Jerry

(of the law firm Jerry & Jerry on Alexander Road) and Robin Anderson,

administrative assistant of the chamber, sent broadcast E-mails to

everyone else. Thanks to modern technology, says Appleget. She

also notes that nobody in Princeton believes the weather reports.

"The night before the snowstorm we were getting phone calls from

people who didn’t think it would snow and wanted to sign up."

Nancy Nicholson, community relations manager at Barnes & Noble, rescheduled

her booksigning for Saturday, December 7, at noon, and nearly three

dozen people got the word and showed up at the new time. Tom Shales

and James Andrew Miller signed and sold 50 copies of "Live from

New York" and the store has more signed copies available.

So be inspired by our meeting notices, but be sure to call ahead if

you have the slightest doubts about where, when, or if the meeting

will be held.

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Wei-hsing Wang of NicheUSA LLC notes that he is working with the biochemistry

department at the University of Pennsylvania, not the biology department.

The Society of Human Relations Management meeting reported on

November 27 took place at Rutgers’ Busch campus in Piscataway, not


The Middle Eastern Dance Media Relations Group, a watch dog group

to counter negative portrayals in the media, asked to use Diana Wolf’s

November 6 article in its press kit. "A splendid little article;

in a couple of paragraphs the author managed to shatter many prevailing


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