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Between the Lines

In the "old days," to write about restaurants

in Trenton, we would limit ourselves to Chambersburg, and we would

run our helpful, handy ‘Burg map.

In this issue, thanks to Kathy Spring and staff, we have discovered

that Trenton’s dining scene offers more opportunities than just one

little neighborhood. We considered drawing a map, but found that prospect

daunting. So we recommend such websites as Mapquest. Or get a nifty

map from the Trenton Convention & Visitors Bureau by calling 609-777-1770

or E-mail: The map is free, and it shows where

to park. Getting around Trenton can be just as much of a challenge

as negotiating the streets of Chambersburg, but it can be a rewarding


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Route 1 Suggestion

Route 1 now has bridges at Alexander, Meadow, and Quakerbridge

roads so that traffic flows. But traffic entering Route 1 south, morning

or evening, has prohibitive backups from the traffic signals on Washington

Road and Harrison. So commuters choose Faculty Road, Hamilton Avenue,

or Nassau Street to get to Alexander Road and Canal Point Boulevard.

Washington Road has 40 feet of pavement width, six feet of shoulder

on each side and two 14-foot travel lanes. If a southbound right turning

lane could be provided, the backup traffic from Route 1 could be bypassed

and all this commuting traffic would use Route 1 south instead of

driving through the University’s and Princeton’s streets.

The pavement on Washington Road would have to be striped to provide

two lanes eastbound for at least 2,500 feet before the Route 1 light.

The right lane would have to be signed for right turn only. The 40-foot

pavement could be divided as follows: four-foot shoulder, two 12-foot

lanes, and one 12-foot turning lane. Grass shoulders exist on both

sides of the pavement.

I urge that Mercer County do the required striping and signing on

Route 571 (Washington Road) to improve this commuter traffic flow.

The delay on Faculty Road at Alexander Road, where Faculty Road crosses

the Dinky tracks, is dangerous.

Richard Jesser

Retired civil engineer, Prospect Street, Princeton

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Thank you for including InMat in your cover story on

nanotechnology on October 16. Some clarification:

Our coatings are not to add strength to tires. They are to help tires

hold air better. They will first be used to reduce the amount of butyl

innerliner currently used for that purpose, leading to tires that

are less expensive to manufacture, lighter, more fuel efficient, safer,

and easier to recycle.

We are seeking contracts directly from the tire companies, not rubber

companies that produce the rubber. Tire companies take a long time

because any new technology has to fit into their manufacturing process

and because there is a long testing and qualification cycle required

to insure safety.

Harris Goldberg, CEO


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