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Between the Lines

Acknowledging that media coverage of anniversary of

September 11, 2001, has been relentless, we hesitate to add more.

On pages 4 and 38 you will find listings that we have compiled intended

as a helpful guide to the array of area observances of this day of

loss. They may also offer ideas on what you may choose to do at your

own office. If you don’t yet have a plan, you are not alone. Las t

week, when senior editor Barbara Fox contacted nearly 50 area companies

to learn about their plans, two out of three had not yet formulated

a specific plan. Updated events will appear on

Meanwhile a national discussion is underway on whether or not September

11 should be a national holiday. President George W. Bush (and we

don’t always agree with him, but in this case we do) advocates a weekend,

not a weekday, of reflection.

Such a designation seems premature. If this act of terrorism is indeed

a war (and many would argue it is not a war but a modern-day reality

that has finally visited us), it is not like any war we have known

before. Nor is it over. On December 7, 1942, the first anniversary

of the loss of life at Pearl Harbor, we doubt that the nation took

the day off to ponder the Day of Infamy. Now may not be the time to

try to define September 11.

A time of reflection, yes. A holiday, no.

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To the Editor

The letter below was sent to Tyrone Krause MD, chief

of cardiothoracic surgery at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

in New Brunswick, and copied to U.S. 1. In our Health & Fitness issue

cover story on cardiac care, Krause was quoted on a variety of subjects,

but his description of the City of Trenton and its relative safety

drew this response:

ON BEHALF OF THE TRENTON community and St. Francis Medical Center

in particular, I am distressed by your unsubstantiated generalization

regarding personal safety in Trenton. In "Heart to Heart Lowdown

on Cardiac Care" (U.S. 1, June 12), you were quoted as stating

that "(Trenton) is like Newark. You need a shotgun to get in the

door." While you may have spent time in Newark in which you derived

a negative impression, it is clear you have spent little or no time

in Trenton and know nothing of St. Francis Medical Center and our


We are located in the Chambersburg area of Trenton, adjacent to Hamilton

Township, and only a few minutes from one of your member hospitals.

Our employees and patients as well as the thousands of people who

work in the City of Trenton and those who enjoy the many fine restaurants,

sporting events, or museums, come to this city on a regular basis.

They come with full awareness of their safety and security.

Let us hope you do not make such snap and unjustified decisions when

you are dealing with your patients. I do feel an apology is called


Judith M. Persichilli

President and CEO,

St. Francis Medical Center

Douglas H. Palmer

Mayor of Trenton

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