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Between the Lines

Some of our most interesting encounters with readers

filter into our E-mail. And our favorite ones, of course, all have

happy endings. For instance, a prospective resident of Princeton —

a reader of the website rather than the newspaper

— asked which banks were in the area and which cell phone company

was best. We referred her to the online directory for both but suggested

she wait until she moved and could check out the reception before

buying the cell phone. (We’ve been badly burnt on previous cell phone

purchases by phones that would not work inside the four walls of our

home.) Her reply:

Thank you for your quick response. As you suggested, I browsed

through the appropriate subheadings for local banks. The information

was very helpful. Your listings helped me to see which banks are most

conveniently located and even widely used. As for the best cell phone

service, I believe I may have to browse at specific wireless websites

for more information. At any rate, I do thank you for your advice.

Also by E-mail this Monday morning we found a message from a

reader who had sought out a jazz concert on the Princeton University

campus that was listed in our Preview calendar. The reader, following

our printed suggestion in every issue, had even taken the precaution

of phoning first to double check the date, time, and place.

We think it only prudent to advise you that no concert took

place and nobody on the campus was aware of any concert. Unfortunately,

we drove 20 miles for nothing. We did call the number listed in the

paper but there was only a recording on office openings etc. If this

event was canceled, how would we have learned about it?

We replied: "Thank you for writing with information about

the Gordon James Jazz Band show listing that appeared on our website.

We have looked into the situation only to discover that the source

of the mistake — and your inconvenience — was an old-fashioned

typo. We are sorry to say the concert listing should have read August

14 and not August 24. We apologize for our error.

"As you can see, we enter about 300 events a week, by hand, into

the U.S. 1 database; we have to acknowledge that errors sometimes

occur. But we will continue to work to make sure our site will not

let you down in the future."

Then came the happy ending, in a return E-mail: Thank you

for your courtesy of writing and explaining. Of course, we do understand

that errors can and will happen. This will not distract us from reading

your paper — we are avid readers of it. And to put your mind at

ease, it was no inconvenience, we had a stroll through the beautiful

campus instead.

One of our favorite ways to meet readers is at the annual Technology

Showcase, held in conjunction with the Princeton Chamber at the end

of summer. This year the all-day trade fair takes place on Wednesday,

September 4, at the Harrison Conference Center on Merrill Lynch’s

Scudders Mill Road campus. Exhibits open at 11 a.m., and there is

no charge for the exhibits or the talks. Don’t miss Lisa Drakeman

and Sidney Pestka, our cover subjects, in their lecture on "The

Quest for Cancer Cures" at 3 p.m.

Also be sure to line up early for Renee Martin to read your handwriting

— or that of your daughter’s fiancee. A nationally known expert,

Martin good naturedly consented to do a blind test for U.S. 1 for

an article entitled "Tales from the Script" (March 11, 1998).

Her tour de force was to correctly describe the personalities of such

Princeton personages as Bob Hillier, Jim Carnes, Katherine Kish, and

Janet Lasley — without knowing their names or gender.

For information on the showcase call 609-452-7000 or 609-520-1776.

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