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This article was prepared for the August 21, 2002 edition of

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Between the Lines

Here at U.S. 1 newspaper our number one desktop publishing

guy, the guy who clicks print on every page that you find in the newspaper,

knows neither PageMaker nor Quark. Instead he knows Ventura, a piece

of DTP software that had its moment in the sun back in the late 1980s.

Until now that hasn’t been a problem — the DTP guy is also the

boss. But now, with the advent of color photographs on the cover and

on some inside pages, the printer wants those pages electronically,

not just as old-fashioned paper mechanicals. Guess what: Ventura can’t

handle it; Quark or PageMaker are the software choices. Fortunately

Kathleen McBride Sisack has kept up to date with the software —

now she bails out the boss when the cover has to be prepared.

We suspect that our little training lapse is being repeated in offices

across our readership area. And that’s why we have turned over a considerable

amount of editorial space in this issue to the many sources of continuing

education vital, not only to the careers of workers, but also to the

ongoing success of their companies.

Beginning on page 8, Kathleen McGinn Spring has compiled an array

of educational opportunities ranging from MBAs to certificate programs

to old-fashioned night courses. "Keeping up" with change in

the workplace has become a growth industry. While Spring reports that

many of the pricey executive MBA programs have downsized because employers

have tightened up their budgets, other programs are drawing more students

— many of them retooling their careers in the face of corporate


Here at U.S. 1 we have usually been well behind the curve with any

new software. But, as a careful reading of our Continuing Education

issue, reveals, the training game goes far beyond computers: Management

training, massage therapy certificates, medical transcription, accounting,

building trades — you name it and someone will teach you how to

do it or how to do it better.

A lack of training surely hinders organizational productivity? But

sometimes it’s hard enough to get away to take a vacation, let alone

a training day.


Please note the following correction to the August 14,

2002 issue. In the article "Women’s Equality and Baseball,"

NOW is noted as the "National Organization Of Women." As a

NOW member since 1979, I can see that we are still not being listened

to. The correct title should be: National Organization For Women.

Perhaps the subject of this story should have given your editor a

NOW membership form to fill out and then he/she could have finally

gotten it right!

Joyce Tortorice

Monmouth Junction

IN OUR August 14 story on the Trenton Jazz Festival, names of

some members of Grace Little’s Amazing 609 Band were misspelled. Band

members are Clyde Funchess, bass; Jay Wade, drums; Norman Williams,

keyboards; Joel Smith, keyboards; Roy Richardson, saxophone; Michael

Gist, percussion; Troy Cain, timbales; and Devora Wise on vocals.

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