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Between the Lines

Even as you read this, U.S. 1 Summer Fiction editors

are weighing the submissions for the annual issue to be published

July 24. Reading is what they are actually doing, but weighing is

not such a bad word: More than 90 of you submitted works, including

about 50 who had never submitted before. Over the Fourth of July weekend

our editors carted the work off in sturdy cardboard boxes for reading

in less frantic places, like the AutoTrain to Florida and the mountains

of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Now the hard part will be picking a representative and compelling

sampling from the submissions and then managing to squeeze them into

the publication.

One of the rewards for all of us will be the Summer Fiction reception,

Thursday, August 8, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in MarketFair.

The guests of honor will be all the writers who submitted work, whether

it was selected for publication or not. We hope you will mark your

calendars now, and join all of us who appreciate the written word

and the writing process.

From the Readers

I read with interest the article titled "Flavors

Fill the Sail, the Passage is to India" (U.S. 1, May 8). The article

by Patrick Mooney is very good and informative, especially for someone

who is looking for good Indian restaurant in the area as in my case.

However I just want to draw your attention to a small flaw (which

was like a grain of under-cooked fenugreek in an otherwise tasty curry-sauce

or pickle) in the following line. I am sending this basically for

you to look for a way to avoid this type of small error:

"Like any large country, menus vary from north to south and east

to west — the food of Goa is different from that served in Madras,

which is different from the specialties of Tamil Nadu."

Actually Madras is a city in the state of Tamilnadu; so it is like

saying that "the food of California is different from that served

in Trenton, which is different from the specialties of New Jersey"

Of course not too long back Madras was renamed as Chennai and I can

understand if someone not familiar with the most recent history and

geography cannot really find enough correct information in standard

reference sites.

A.S. Ravi

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

New York

Thanks for Celebrating Idyllic Places

Once upon a time we took for granted that we could pack

up the car and drive a couple of miles and find ourselves in some

idyllic place. Carolyn Edelmann’s impressionistic, readable, and scholarly

pieces about New Jersey’s natural beauty and preserved sites demonstrate

that we can do just that! I am enthralled with her work.

We must all recognize that this environment was carved out of the

landscape by forward thinking citizens and legislators. Let’s all

support open space, Green Acres, clean air, clean water! Once the

land is developed you can’t go back!

Yvonne F. Bleiman

6 James Court, Princeton

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