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Going Postal,

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Hearty Thanks

Congratulations to Kathleen McGinn Spring for her well-written

piece on Cardiac Care (U.S. 1, June 19), a great service to the community.

I’m sure many people would also be grateful if you did the same for

the dreaded disease called cerebral accident or "Stroke" —

also hedged in secrecy as far as knowing where to turn if you should

suffer one.

Capital Health advertises, credibly claiming to be first in New Jersey

in the stroke field. But if you live in Hopewell, does urgency come

first — or should you by-pass Princeton Medical Center? And what

about Hunterdon Medical Center, claiming to have one of the top Emergency

Rooms in the State? Can you — should you — ask 911 to have

you taken straight to Fuld?

In conclusion, it’s a pleasure to say that U.S. 1 is an oasis in the

otherwise dreary journalistic field of New Jersey. I have made an

appointment myself for next week (as a patient) with the chief physician

of the Fuld Stroke team, for the sole purpose of finding out a few

facts of the situation. If you should get interested, let me know

and I’ll be glad to report what transpired.

Walter Michel

83 Lindbergh Road


YOUR ISSUE OF JUNE 19 was, for us, one of your best ever. Kathleen

McGinn Spring’s article about cardiac care was supplemented with Richard

K. Rein’s Pulitzer-grade story of his own experience.

And Tricia Fagan’s story on Janet Evanovich was especially interesting

to us. We love Janet and attended her book-signing on Saturday last.

Your article helped us find and plan for our visit.

Judy and Thomas Evans


MY THANKS for the article on Richard K. Rein’s cardiac problems

(U.S. 1, June 19) — I’m just a few years younger but both parents

have had bypass surgery so I realize how crucial this aspect of our

health is.

Quite by coincidence, I went out to the store today, June 24, immediately

after reading the article and ran right into Glenn Laub (chief of

cardiac surgery at St. Francis Medical Center) with his wife and young

kids. I told him also how much I appreciated the article and how educational

and relevant it was.

Michael Slom

25 Lawrencia Drive


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Going Postal,


THANK YOU for Nicole Plett’s splendid article on the stamp set

(U.S. 1, June 26). You have everyone talking about it. I am even being

asked to sign the sheet while shopping at McCaffrey’s. My doctor showed

the article to me this morning . . . and then we went on to more serious


Peter Bunnell

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