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Between the Lines

We at U.S. 1 seldom do articles on retail stores. Back

in the early days of our enterprise, we used to profile new ones in

town, much as we now profile new non-retail businesses in our Fast

Lane and On the Move sections. But the retailers were seldom happy:

Our story often had more to do with how they got into business and

whether or not they would succeed; the story they had in mind would

stress their personal service, customized approach, and fresh


This week’s cover story on Nick Hilton is the exception that proves

the rule. It began as a business story, the tale of a clothier who

dared move into a town that — in the age of dress-down Fridays and

the corporate casual look — had lost virtually all of its men’s

clothing stores in the past several decades. The men in our office —

every single one — are lost causes in terms of fashion. We thought

that Hilton might offer a few clues about dressing for success. If

even one of our male colleagues decided to dress up a little, we would

have a story and a few pictures to put in front of him.

Then, as we looked at the calendar, we realized the Hilton story was

also a good fit, so to speak, with Father’s Day. If our men at U.S. 1

don’t have a clue about fashion, some of them do at least know

something about being a father. The boss, Richard K. Rein, is that

rare breed — a single father with sole, on-call responsibility for

his two sons, ages 10 and 8, every Wednesday to Sunday.

Photographer Craig Terry, whose wife died in 2000, is a fulltime

single parent of four children, including one who is just a teenager.

Writer Bill Sanservino and his wife are proud parents of a

five-year-old son.

And Vaughan Burton in our advertising design department is our newest

father: He and his wife welcomed their first child, also a son, on

June 1. We will wish them all a happy Father’s Day. (But we will keep

our sentiments about their wardrobes to ourselves.)

Fiction Call

We have some good news for writers of short stories. The submissions

to date include a higher ratio of poems to short stories than ever

before. But we hope to print just as many short stories as we did last


We also have two new readers this year, which could mean that someone

whose style didn’t jibe with the editors last year could be a big hit

this year. The deadline is looking: Friday, June 28. Guidelines for

submitting work can be found on the back cover of this issue, page 56.

Doug Forrester

We had few people taking advantage of our offer to E-mail a

comprehensive profile of Republican senatorial candidate Douglas

Forrester. But that offer was made before Forrester’s victory in the

June 4 primary. The article, which appeared in the May 24 issue of the

West Windsor-Plainsboro News, is posted on the Internet at

Top Of Page

Last week’s story on the book depository at the Forrestal Campus

incorrectly described architect Bruce Scott’s firm. He is with

Russell, Scott, Steedle & Capone of Boston and that firm designed the

facility in collaboration with Sasaki Associates. Dan Bernstein was

the design architect for Sasaki.

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