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Between the Lines

In our business objectivity is often held up as the

apple pie virtue that will always help gain forgiveness for any other

shortcomings. But blind objectivity does not always lead to an accurate

portrayal of a complex subject. Often reporters — especially those

working for weekly publications — have to distill and digest information

from many different sources in order to come up with the Big Picture.

Last week Barbara Fox had the challenge of figuring out how central

New Jersey’s big pharmaceutical companies are — or are not —

exploiting the power of the Internet. Her thesis had a decidedly subjective

sound to it, differentiating the big pharmas from the smaller companies

that provide critical services to them: "Princeton’s pharmaceutical

service companies," Fox wrote in the third paragraph of the story,

"unfettered by big pharma’s internal politics and fueled by entrepreneurial

enthusiasm, are setting the pace to get the clients up to speed on

the Web."

So a few days later Fox was relieved to hear from one industry source

who agreed with her view and respected the effort it took to formulate

it. "It is very brave of you to take on understanding and writing

about technology," this source offered.

"A comment by one individual you quoted was right on the money.

Pharmaceutical companies are VERY conservative. They have wrapped

themselves around the IT people as gatekeepers and it is unbelievable

what you have to go through to see the right people. Slowly, I think,

the organizations have been learning that IT people are IT people.

They are a breed unto themselves and are totally unequipped to evaluate

a program for marketing pharmaceuticals."

But, we suspect, the pharmaceuticals and their IT people are learning

fast about both the Internet and Internet marketing. But that’s just

our subjective opinion.

Who’s Doug Forrester?

If you are wondering about that Princeton Pike businessman

running for the Republican nomination for Senate, we can refer you

to our sister publication, the West Windsor-Plainsboro News, which

printed a comprehensive report on Douglas R. Forrester (a former West

Windsor mayor) in its May 24 edition. Fax or E-mail us and we will

E-mail you a copy of the article by Bill Sanservino.

To the Editor

KATHLEEN McGinn Spring’s article on bias crimes (Survival Guide, May

15) was excellent. It touched me because my family and I have lived

in public housing and for six years have been bombarded by hate crimes.

Neglect on the part of one manager stirred the pot. We spent endless

seconds, minutes, hours, days feeling helpless.

The repercussions of those incidents brought pain and sorrow to us

and our one small child. We are learning, thanks to people like you,

that others share our misfortune, and that the underlying cause can

be understood — the perpetrator is using his teasing voice to

hide his own deep pain. That we can join together to solve these problems.

Name withheld


edged sword theory when facing these conflicts and that "Laughter

is the best medicine," and that "He also laughs first, who

laughs last."

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Let’s agree that all the world is a stage and business men and women

are merely players — professionals who are personable, who play

the role of a successful person. Those who look successful, generally


You may have a natural talent for pretending to be "up" when

you are feeling down, for being cheerful and courteous when you are

feeling grumpy and curmudgeonly.

But if as a child, you had lots of opportunities to "pretend,"

to act out being Superman or Princess Leia, you got a head start on

those acting skills. Maybe you even had some theater classes.

Along with our cover story on child actors, we offer a list of drama

classes. These classes might help train the next Broadway star, but

they can also help young people grow up to be successful adults. Some

saying tk. If you’ve got Bud, you’ve got your beer. Or something.

Two kids who are making a national splash thanks to their father’s


Open casting call for Peter Pan, no experience necessary!

30 line letter in let.529

use the reunions for btl

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