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Open Letter To Area Businesses

I am writing to request your assistance in supporting

the proposed new, first-class Trenton-Mercer Airport terminal. This

is an issue that has received a lot of press over the last three


but the next couple of months are crucial to its completion. A written

statement from you, and an affirming resolution from your organization

would assert publicly the economic benefit of this important project

on the entire region.

The recently released draft Environmental Assessment (EA) report


by DMJM Harris, a federally-approved consultant firm, studied what,

if any, negative effects a new terminal would have on the community

surrounding the Trenton-Mercer Airport. Under items such as noise,

air quality, farmlands, scenic rivers, flood plains, and social order,

the EA clearly indicates "no significant impact." Based upon

these findings, it would be irresponsible not to seize this wonderful

opportunity to secure yet another economic magnet in Mercer County.

Let me clarify the extent of the terminal project. A new terminal

will be built adjacent to the existing terminal. The new facility

will be larger in size, to accommodate waiting areas, a


baggage claim, administrative, and tenant office space. The runways

will not be altered in length. In essence, the project is designed

to provide a more comfortable, up-to-date, traveler-friendly facility.

A hearing will be held Wednesday, May 22, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the

State Auditorium in the New Jersey State Museum building, West State

Street, Trenton. It is imperative that the proponents of a new


make their voices heard above the small, residential opposition groups

who will most certainly attend. Public input is an important factor

in the FAA’s final consideration. Again, your participation is


to our effort.

The comprehensive EA can be downloaded or read on-line at

I am excited by this project. I look forward to advocating with you

on May 22. Call the Greater Mercer County Chamber of Commerce at


with any questions.

Carol L. Beske

Chairman, Mercer Chamber

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To the Editor

I JUST FINISHED reading Richard K. Rein’s piece on his kids and the

boxing gloves (U.S. 1, May 8). Bravo! For allowing them to be


and for contributing to the Princeton Young Achievers.

My son, Devin, and a group of about five boys play together after

school almost everyday (a parent or sibling is always home). They

disappear into the woods for hours looking for tadpoles, or they build

a fort, or play a game of baseball or ride their bikes around town.

I am all for organized sports but the kind of play that Devin and

his friends and the Rein boys are involved with, to me, is the best.

It feeds the imagination, and teaches them independence and how to

get along with one another and most importantly they’re free to be


Deirdre Sheean

Roosevelt, NJ

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