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Between the Lines

This week we learned of two people who used U.S. 1’s

products — free job wanted classified ads and the Business


— to get good jobs. A college student’s job wanted ad drew a good

offer from an E-commerce firm on Princeton-Hightstown Road. An even

better job, for her purposes, resulted from sending

out letters to 75 companies in the U.S. 1 Business Directory. Her

mom — the one who had apprised her daughter about U.S. 1’s


services — called to tell of the success. The winning ad:

Entering Junior at the University of Pennsylvania: Is

looking for interesting summer internship (mid-May to mid-August)

in the Princeton area. Was a very successful Bloomberg summer intern

last year and is looking for other employment opportunities as


has reduced its internship program. Classes at Penn include business

and international relations. Fluent in French and Spanish. Excellent

use of Microsoft Office tools. Quick and enthusiastic learner. Strong

interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.

We also received this postcard: "Just writing to say thanks.

Using your Jobs Wanted category got me employment! All it took was

a letter and a stamp. Adam Bierman.

Bierman is a stay at home dad with a two-year-old child. An alumnus

of Rutgers, Class of 1984, he has a master’s degree from Rutgers and

has taught in Latin America, Taiwan, and Washington, D.C.

Before the right call came, Bierman also got a call from a company

that interpreted "computer skills" to mean he could be a


which he cannot. Another caller touted a pyramid scheme.

His new employer had been burned twice by hiring friends of friends.

But, like many small business people, he hesitated to run a Help


ad because he did not want to have to process a flood of responses.

"Even though the work was piling up, he thought it would be easier

to do it himself rather than go through an involved hiring


says Bierman, whose ad seemed to fill his bill exactly. Here is



Guy Friday: Energetic ex-teacher will help you with tasks

you cannot find the time for. Research projects, travel arrangements,

interviews, etc. I have a home office, reliable transportation, and

computer skills.

Bierman now is the aide de camp for a child psychiatrist who

runs a nonprofit organization at his farm. On the job for three weeks,

he does correspondence, data entry, bookkeeping, some Spanish


and public relations. "My hours are flexible and on the job I

get to work on my Spanish. It is my dream job," says Bierman.

"Thank you, you are a public service."

If you are looking for a full-time position, check out the


in the U.S. 1 Employment Exchange; these businesses want to employ

U.S. 1 readers in the greater Princeton area. You are also invited

to participate in the Jobs Wanted column. We will run a reasonably

worded classified ad for you at no charge. We reserve the right to

edit the ads to limit the number of times they run. If you require

confidentiality, send a check for $4 and request a U.S. 1 Response

Box. Relies will be forwarded to you at no extra charge. (See page


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