To the Editor: A Happy Parrot

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Here is some correspondence from the Plainsboro-based

telecommunications consultant Gerhard Franz that includes a question

that we often hear:

"The talk on `The State of Telecom’ was a success. Several

people came because of your article in the Survival Guide section

of the March 27 issue — thanks again for the publicity.

"I also have a question: I am publishing a newsletter for my


What do I need to do so that I can reproduce your article for my


Can I also link to it from my website ("

The answer is that, yes, you may link your website or electronic

newsletter to an article on our website ( for

free. Along with the link you may use a couple of paragraphs to


the article. But to post the entire article on your website requires

us to charge a modest fee and request appropriate credit (title, date

of publication, name of author, etc.).

We have a similar policy regarding reprints of articles. Please call

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To the Editor: A Happy Parrot

I just want to share with you the great success Trinity

Church enjoyed with our annual rummage sale. Your publicity (U.S.

1, March 13) was frequently mentioned.

By 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, my own sister held number 545 in the

line to get in. The night before, during the Better Dresses Preview

Sale, we made over $4,000 in less than two hours with 110 customers.

Of course, we said we would only sell 50 tickets. After we let the

first 50 ticket holders go upstairs to the sale, we sold "standby

tickets," allowing a shopper to enter after someone had left.

Everyone got to shop, and we had to shoo the shoppers out at 9:20


All of our "departments" reported similar brisk sales. We

put two sailboats on the lawn and sold them in an open auction on

Sunday afternoon.

Our best rummage story involves a distraught parrot and a see-through


In the pocketbook department in Pierce Hall, a woman cried out in

excitement when she found a collapsible drawstring pocketbook that

had see-through plastic at the top with mesh string at the bottom,

all of which could fold down, the kind of pocketbook you would use

to carry home extra, small packages from a trip abroad.

"I was just going to make one of these, and now I don’t have to.

THIS IS WONDERFUL," she exclaimed.

Great, we said, that was great. Lady, you can have the pocketbook.

It’s yours.

It was a $2 pocketbook.

"No, no, " she said, "You don’t understand. I have a pet

parrot, and now I can carry him around with me, and he can sit in

the mesh, and be able to look out through the plastic, and see


You see, if he can’t look out, he gets sad."

Thank you to editor Nicole Plett and to writer Diana Wolf.

Alison Roth

2002 Trinity Church Rummage Sale

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