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Between the Lines

Worth magazine just published its list of the 250 riches

communities in America and Princeton was not among them. No wonder,

since the listing was based strictly on housing prices and in Princeton,

according to last week’s issue of U.S. 1, you could buy a six-bedroom

house in the tony western section of town for just $139,000.

That, of course, was a million-dollar typo. The listing should have

read as follows:

115 Lafayette Road. Lot size: 125 by 178. Listed, Stockton

Real Estate/Marty Stockton, 609-924-1416.

6 bedrooms; 4+ baths; basement; 3-car garage. Colonial

with family room, library, laundry, marble and granite flooring. Buyer

can choose appliances. $1,390,000.

Thanks to Jane Weber of Stockton Real Estate for correcting

the error. And we apologize to anyone whose hopes were dashed by this


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I enjoyed your article on commercial real estate (April

1). However, I would like to correct two points. First, Berwind Property

Group, a partner in 650 College Road East in Princeton Forrestal Center,

is a subsidiary of Berwind Corporation. Berwind Corporation is not

itself a real estate corporation, but one of the largest privately-owned

conglomerates in the region, with five major business lines including

natural resources, industrial operations, pharmaceutical services,

real estate and a financial service group. While only part of a much

larger group, Berwind Property Group is a significant real estate

investor with a portfolio of approximately 13,000,000 square feet

that actively participates in all investment decisions for its own

account and that of other compatible co-investors.

Secondly, our 650 College Road East project, which received final

site plan approval last November, is a proposed 168,000 square foot

building, not a 68,000 square-foot building. Thanks for your interest

in our project.

James A. Kinzig

Aegis Property Group


I ENJOYED Chris Mario’s article in your commercial real estate

issue (April 1). Countless people, most of whom are not design professionals,

have come up to me and said they enjoyed the article and that it was

very readable and understandable. Kudos to Chris, who clearly has

a great understanding of architecture and engineering, for his ability

to relate the information to a wider public audience.

We are pleased to be an active part of this business community.

John R. Rivers, AIA


ON BEHALF of David Prescott, Pat Kidd and myself, I would

like to thank U.S. 1 for such a wonderful piece ("Faith, Money

and Guilt") in your March 11 Survival Guide. I am pleased to report

that our program, Soul in the Workplace-II: Exploring The Meaning

of Money was a smashing success. It was extremely well attended, thanks

in large part to your coverage and the timelessness of our seminar

topic. Thanks again.

David W. Miller

Princeton Seminary

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you’d look at the days events and think that yet both enjoy good


the list of the top 250 richest real estate towns and Princeton wasn’t

on it. by other measures, Princeton is a rich little town indeed.

A town of its size

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