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Between the Lines

Are we at U.S. 1 Pollyannas or not? If you turn to our

annual Progress section that begins on page 8 of this issue, you might

conclude that we are: For the last admittedly difficult year, our

listings show only the new and expanding businesses — the firms

that have gone out of business, downsized, or left town in the cover

of darkness are not included here.

But we have some justification for our editing, beyond the immediate

issue of space and the total of 510 companies that were covered in

the pages of U.S. 1 last year. In fact, even in the admittedly


year of 2001, the winners in the Princeton area far exceeded the


According to our count 35 companies downsized or went out of business,

and 36 companies left town. But on the positive side, the Princeton

area gained 105 companies in 2001. Fifty-two of them were start-ups,

and 53 were existing firms that moved here or opened an area branch.

An even larger number of U.S. 1 articles — 138 — were about

companies that expanded, and 26 articles told of "Crosstown


companies that moved to a new office without substantially changing

footage or staff size.

Top management changed significantly in 25 firms, and 21 companies

changed their names. A multitude of firms announced new contracts,

and U.S. 1 wrote about 45 of them.

More than half of the firms we wrote about were in one of four


financial, computer, R&D, and communications, in that order. Fifth

and sixth in line were manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.

For more information about any of the companies, plus a list of the

year’s cover stories, see our website at The

full text of the story may be found by searching for the date


or merely for the company’s name under the heading "Search Our

Archive." The archive dates back to 1998 and is accessible for


From a purely practical perspective, these listings represent a


of Princeton’s business community. The more we know about our business

community, the better we are at doing our jobs — or finding new


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More on Wireless

THE "NEW STRATEGIES in the Wireless World" articles in your

January 23 edition were exemplary. They showed that you don’t have

to go Silicon Valley to find such innovation. It is right here in

our own back yard, and such coverage will bring attention and


support and funding.

Our Piscataway-based company, Softdomain (, works

in wireless also. We also have developed a technology that we feel

presents a great opportunity for companies to fully take advantage

of the upcoming wireless revolution. We are excited about the


we have to allow consumers to access any information they want for

their work and their pleasure from anywhere and anytime.

We at Softdomain are pleased to know that we are in such a good


right here in New Jersey.

Cherif Chibane

Executive Vice President, Softdomain Inc.

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