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Between the Lines

In the last issue of each year, U.S. 1 Newspaper focuses

attention on charitable organizations by honoring Helping Hands, men

and women who have day jobs but who volunteer their spare time to

a good cause. In the last 15 years we have highlighted more than three

dozen of these charities. One of the first organizations we covered,

Jobseekers, still meets every Tuesday. That’s fortunate, because


are needing job counseling now more than ever. Youth workers received

recognition with Princeton YWCA in 1986, Princeton University alumni’s

Project ’55 in 1992, and Big Brothers & Big Sisters last year.

Literacy and education causes were represented with the Recording

for the Blind in 1987, Sandra Persichetti’s I Have a Dream Foundation

in 1988, and Plainsboro Public Library volunteers in 1992.

Health matters took priority in 1988 with the Hyacinth Foundation,

in 1989 with the Family Service Association, and in 1995 with the

Princeton Medical Center’s homecare hospice program.

Disaster relief was featured in 1998, focusing on the Princeton


Sister Cities project and the American Red Cross.

The abused and neglected received attention in 1990 with Womanspace,

prison counseling services were featured in 1993, and the Mercer

County Child Placement Review Board was in the spotlight in 1996,

followed by Kids-for-Kids in 2000.

Groups that help families find housing have been honored on several

occasions: Habitat for Humanity in 1988 and 1997, Princeton Community

Housing in 1989, HomeFront in 1990, Bootstraps in 1997, and Interfaith

Hospitality Network in 2000.

Holiday distribution of bounty was the focus for stories on volunteers

at Landau’s in 1986, American Reliance (now known as Highlands


in 1986 and 1999, and Yetta Rushford’s Dreams Come True in 1993.

For this year’s crop of Helping Hands, turn to page 14. And if you

get the urge to volunteer, consider searching the database of


opportunities, organized by interest and time availability. Contact

Hands on Helpers at 609-921-8893 or

Will helping others be your project your next year? Or will "Seize

the Day" be your motto as you make room in your life for something

(or somebody) special. Let us know your hopes and dreams for yourself,

your company — or the world. We will print a sampling of


on Wednesday, January 9. Fax us at 609-452-0033, E-mail:

or call 609-452-7000 and ask to speak to a reporter.

Holiday Schedule

OUR OFFICE will be closed December 24 and 25 and no paper will be

published on December 26 — our gift to the forests. Our office

will be open on Monday, December 31, but the final deadline for our

annual Survival Guide issue, being delivered January 2, will be


December 28.

About the Calendar 2002: Gods of the printing presses

willing, U.S. 1’s 2002 wall calendar will greet you on Wednesday,

January 2. We hope the calendar will mark the end of a joyful


season, and the beginning of a bright new year.

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