Poems of water;

Songs of whiskey and of beer.

Let them sweetly flow.

Add to vats water,

Barley, malt, hops, grain, and yeast.

Three cheers for the beer!

Full-bodied amber

Brew with a high sea-foam head.

Sit, sip, and enjoy.

An ancient brew born

In Egypt and Babylon.

Ain’t history grand?

In hieroglyphs and

Cuneiform ’twas recorded,

Beer — an old-time brew.

To north of the Alps

Beer made a happy journey

Cheers from the oak woods!

The Vikings drank beer;

The Gauls and Gaels drank it too.

Northlands enjoyed beer.

There, housewives brewed beer

For home use as food and drink.

Ah! Nature’s bounty!

Polluted water!

Heat and alcohol killed germs;

Thus, beer saved Europe.

Now, across the globe

The brew has spread its goodness

Beer in many lands.

Water from the ground

Or streams, and recharged by rains.

Wells and streams for beer.

Water — it is wet.

Water seeks its own level.

Water runs downhill.

Water is mineral,

Of constant composition.

Thus, water is rock.

An igneous rock,

Cooled down from a warmer state.

Ice is such a rock.


Rocks laid by wind or water;

Snow, rain, streams, and ponds.

Metamorphic rocks,

Formed by heat and pressure.

Thus steam and vapor.

First, a beer is brewed.

Then it is distilled to whiskey.

Aye, uiscebeath

Scotch on the rocks —

This is technically true.

Slainte — to your health.

Born in Yonkers, New York, Gordon received an AA degree from Jersey City Junior College, spent six years, seven months, eight days in the U.S. Army, worked in Job Corps, Camp Kilmer, received a BS in environmental science from Rutgers University, and worked for the NJ DEP. He is now retired and a resident of Ewing.

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