In honor of Nurses Week, the Bayada Pediatrics office serving Mercer and Hunterdon counties will host a career open house for nurses interested in caring for children with special needs at home and school. Pediatric experience is a plus, but free training is available for adult nurses who want to transition to pediatrics.

The open house will be held at Bayada Pediatrics, 2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 104, in Lawrenceville on Thursday, May 12, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 609-219-9600 or visit

The event will feature a chance to learn about the benefits of providing meaningful, one-on-one care for children in the comfort and safety of home. Pediatric nurses also provide care for children in the school classroom, during transportation to and from school, and on field trips.

“Our nurses receive specialized training to care for children from birth through adolescence and with a wide range of diagnoses, including seizure disorders, muscular diseases, neurological disorders, and respiratory diseases,” said recruiting manager Melanie Ribera. “Thanks to the nurses, these kids can remain at home, instead of forcing parents to make the heart breaking decision to place their child in a long-term care facility.”

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