For many of us, wearing glasses or contact lenses is a part of our lives; something that we do to see. But Dr. Barry Wasserman’s aim is to render this necessary evil unnecessary for as many people as possible.

Dr. Wasserman has performed almost 10,000 LASIK type refractive surgeries in the past 15 years. The doctor, who underwent LASIK surgery himself 13 years ago, feels “privileged to have fallen into this area of medicine that changes peoples’ lives so easily and painlessly.”

Many people avoid LASIK surgery because of fears about safety, pain, and cost. Dr. Wasserman seeks to assure potential LASIK candidates that LASIK is safe, painless, and cost-effective.

More than 30 million LASIK surgeries have been performed worldwide over the past 20 years. Dr. Wasserman contends that not only is the procedure, which can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, “incredibly safe,” but that people have a much greater chance of losing vision from contact lens-related issues than they do from LASIK. Further, the vast majority of LASIK patients do not need any further procedures in the future.

As to the subject of comfort, LASIK surgery is performed in the doctor’s office and takes a mere 10 minutes per eye. By that night patients can watch television painlessly.

And the cost of LASIK is more affordable than one might think. There are credit programs available for the procedure, and even some with interest-free financing. When you consider the costs involved with glasses and contact lenses, over the course of 10 years you could actually save money by having LASIK.

But LASIK is more than just a medical procedure — it’s a transformative process. “There are so many benefits to LASIK that they are hard to enumerate,” says the doctor. “From being able to wake up seeing clearly to being able to go to the beach seeing clearly to being able to go away for vacation without worrying about packing contact lens solution, LASIK improves patients’ lives in a multitude of ways both big and small.”

It is also advantageous to see a physician who does not merely perform LASIK, but who truly believes in the benefits of it. Dr. Wasserman sees LASIK as “an incredible gift that I can give to people.”

LASIK is recommended for anybody between the ages of 18 and 65 who feels dependent on glasses or contact lenses.

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