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August 26, 1998. All rights reserved.

Barn Moving: Lasley Construction

An antique chair may cost as much or more as a


new chair, but the quality of the old will top the quality of the

new. It’s the same with houses, and it also applies to barns.

"With an old barn, all beams are hand hewn. They took huge timbers

and shaped each beam with an axe," says John Kovacik of Lasley

Construction, which is reconstructing a barn at a farm on


Road. The two-story antique barn was salvaged by the New Jersey Barn

Company from an early 19th century farm in Newtown. "It is held

together by pegs, and there are virtually no nails in the


"Old Barns to Order" could be the motto for the New Jersey

Barn Company, co-founded by Elric Endersby and Alexander Greenwood.

"We do not take down buildings unless they are threatened on their

original sites," says Endersby. The components of the buildings

are stored until they can be sold. "We are sort of undertakers,

in a sense, to changes that have radically altered the landscape


Early 19th century barns can cost from $45,000 to $125,000 and


range from $4,500 for a shed to $48,000 for a wagonhouse. Many people

— including Steven Spielberg on his Long Island property —

use the company’s old barns for their homes.

This 37 by 32-foot barn is notable for its carved central post and

the unusual structure of its rafters. Lasley’s Kovacik is the


manager and Rich Maurer is the project manager; they are collaborating

with Dean Andricsak of Brahaney Architectural Associates, which


the adjoining addition. "We have known Janet Lasley and Marc


for years as friends, " says Endersby. "The opportunity to

work together was the realization of a desire shared over a period

of time. It is a special pleasure to put one up that is going to have

animals and equipment put back into it."

Farm owners Leon E. and Diane Rosenberg are establishing an alpaca

farm on the property, which also has a just-restored historic house

and functional barn with attached garage. She is a medical


consultant, and he was dean of Yale’s medical school and president

of Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Now he

is teaching at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School and


biology department.

The Rosenbergs paid $65,000 for their antique barn to be assembled,

but the finished barn will be more than double the cost of the frame.

In contrast, a similar new barn of not particularly good quality would

probably sell for about $100,000 complete. "There is not a whole

lot of savings," says Kovacik. "The antique may cost more

but you are paying for the labor versus the cost of new material,

and you are salvaging a piece of history."

— Barbara Fox

Brahaney Architectural Associates PC, 5 Crescent Avenue,

G-3, Box 75, Rocky Hill 08553-0075. Marc Brahaney, president.


fax, 609-497-9445.

Lasley Construction Inc., 5 Crescent Avenue,


Business Park, Suite C-1, Box 245, Rocky Hill 08553-0245. Janet


president. 609-921-2822; fax, 609-683-0615.

New Jersey Barn Company, Box 702, Princeton 08542.

Alexander Greenwood, president. 609-924-8480; fax, 609-730-1030.

— Barbara Fox

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