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Bad Business Karma: John Windwalker

Another business deal falls through. Another client

leaves. Employees are dropping like flies. You can blame your


team, your clients, or your technology. The real problem, however:

Bad Karma.

"Nothing happens without a cause," says John Windwalker,

a metaphysician and clairvoyant who runs Windwalker Consulting at

133 Washington Road in Rocky Hill. "Let’s say I don’t like


attitude at work, so I start talking about them behind their back.

What I’m really doing is mirroring something in myself that I don’t

like and what will happen is people like that person that will keep

showing up in my life. That’s a big thing when it comes to bosses

and CEOs."

Windwalker, who moved here from Sonoma, California, last year, wants

to help business people find inner peace and enhance their business

using instinct and creativity — to basically restore humanity

to business. "In western culture all of us work and we spend most

of our time there so we might as well make it something that is


maybe even bordering on joyful," he says. "We’re becoming

technology proficient but at the risk of losing our emotions, of


automatons. We can do what we love and love what we do. A lot of


come into business to influence our efforts, not the least of which

is stress and anxiety. I teach how to relieve stress and anxiety,

how to make our business environment more conducive to feeling


On Sunday, February 6, Windwalker gives a seminar, "The Key to

Successful Business: Discovering the Power of Creative Feminine


at his office at 133 Washington Road in Rocky Hill at 6 p.m. Call

609-279-0550. Cost: $45.

Windwalker has been a consultant, conducting inner awareness and


seminars, for the past 14 years. He grew up on Long Island, where

he attended CW Post College on a football scholarship and studied

business for three years. He always loved meditation — he had

been practicing since age five — but in 1978 he picked up and

moved to California to become a hermit, meditating sometimes six hours

a day.

As a clairvoyant, Windwalker claims to use his sixth sense, what he

calls "Sacred Sight," to intuit things — the cause of

a human disease, for example, or a disease afflicting a normally


business. In fact, Windwalker was hired by a bank in California to

sniff out why its real estate department was sinking. "What I

found was that there was a person who had been recently promoted to

vice president who hated her job to such a degree that she really

wanted that division to fail — she had a lot of resistance to

success," he says. "She was good at having a veneer of being

successful and committed, but in truth she was just very angry."

After the bank discovered it was an act of self-sabotage, the person

was removed.

Intuition — the ability to sense in people and in situations


like anger or deception, generosity and honesty — can be a


asset in business, says Windwalker. "It’s gaining back trust,"

he says.

Men and women alike can tap into those instincts, but, says


whose ideas may push the buttons of feminists, woman can access that

power easier because "women are change, women embrace change."

"Masculine energy is the drive to get things done, and the


thought is feminine," he says. "Feminine energy is a much

finer energy — it’s feeling energy, it’s emotional — while

the male energy is accomplishing."

At Windwalker’s seminar attendees will be introduced to a series of

techniques for relieving stress, dealing with pressure situations,

building confidence, and building better interpersonal relations.

Some tricks of the metaphysician:

Create a secret place, a place in your mind, a house,

a room, or a favorite beach, where you can go for relaxation and inner

peace. "It’s a place in our minds that’s only ours, the seed of

our creativity," he says. "You’ll be able to return there

time and again to create inner peace and poise."

"Before you go to a meeting, you can go to your secret place so

that you never feel like you’re out of place," says Windwalker.

"It’s like recreating the calm feeling of your office, where you

tend to be more relaxed and listen better."

Claim back feminine power. "For a long time a


world made sure that women took a subservient role, and that’s


says Windwalker. "It’s going to keep changing. Women are going

to be the half of humanity that is more powerful than the male because

things didn’t work the male way."

"Business is just an extension of who we are," says

Windwalker. "There’s a need for joy, a need for people to be


with themselves and others and do more socially conscious works, and

have the courage to pursue their dreams."

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