With the frantic pace of change in technology and marketing today sooner or later a website redesign is going to be necessary for a company to keep pace in cyberspace. The big problem is preserving precious site traffic and search engine rankings while work on the site is ongoing.

Glenn Gabe, president of Lawrenceville-based G-Squared Interactive, will provide insights into the potential effects of a website redesign at an event hosted by the New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA). His presentation, “Avoid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Disaster in a Website Redesign,” is on Tuesday, April 17, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the D&R Greenway. $30. Visit njcama.org to register.

Gabe grew up in Rockland County, New York, where his father was a teacher, and his mother a legal assistant. They bought him his first computer when he was a boy, and it fueled his technology cravings.

Gabe received his bachelor’s in hotel/restaurant management from the University of Delaware in 1994 and has since received professional certifications in multimedia technologies and E-business development from New York University and web development and web administration from Rutgers.

After college Gabe attended a presentation at an IBM conference center where a marketing expert was presenting to the top 50 retailers in the country. He was presenting the web, but at a relatively early stage.

Halfway through the presentation, more than half the room had emptied out, but Gabe was glued. Like the presenter, he knew that the web was going to be extremely powerful for marketing and advertising.

Gabe caught the Internet bug and spent the next seven years developing websites, web applications, and interactive presentations for the Perrier Group of America (now Nestle Waters).

In 2001 Gabe launched G-Squared Interactive to help companies utilize next-generation technologies to market their products and services. He soon created a video-based E-marketing platform, which enabled clients to use a flash video environment to increase sales. The reporting was in real-time.

At the CAMA event, Gabe will share his real-world experiences helping companies retain search engine rankings while redesigning their websites. He will explain how to avoid SEO disaster, as well as how to recover from a poor URL migration (when the redesign process negatively impacts SEO).

Topics he will cover include interactive design, programming, content optimization, and the impact of content management systems. Ultimately, this discussion will focus on important topics that a redesign team should address so companies can avoid long-term damage to search traffic.

At G-Squared, Gabe works with companies to develop marketing strategies using SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), social media Marketing (SMM), and web analytics.

He also writes about the latest in digital marketing strategies on his blog, the Internet Marketing Driver. He is also a columnist at Search Engine Journal, a contributor at the Microsoft adCenter blog, and is a featured author in the Google Analytics Help Center.

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