Janice Mahlmann, founder and CEO of August eTech.

Janice A. Mahlmann, an enthusiastic advocate for women pursuing S.T.E.M. careers, was engaged in starting up the U.S. operations of a UK-based IT firm when she first came up with the idea of starting her own company. As the firm’s business liaison to the U.S. as its head of operations, Mahlmann identified the challenges faced by small and medium businesses.

There were many, of course, but Mahlmann’s keen eye spotted two in particular: first, the lack of availability and accessibility of quality IT consults; and second, the lack of a personal relationship and hands-on approach that would benefit clients and their businesses.

These were problems that Mahlmann couldn’t solve through the original firm, but the void was there. This realization — combined with Mahlmann’s 27 years of experience in IT — led to the inception of August eTech, one of the very few IT consulting firms owned by women in the MSP landscape.

As a managed service provider (MSP), August eTech manages 24-hour monitoring, maintenance, and problem resolution for IT systems within clients’ businesses. These services help ensure organizations can save a significant amount of money while effectively streamlining their IT operations.

August eTech’s managed IT services also offer 24/7 proactive assessments and response to critical issues, support for server-side applications, and infrastructure wellness checks along with vendor management.

Mahlmann adds, “We make IT operations strategic, comprehensive, and effortless for our clients. August eTech optimizes business performance for companies with interpersonal advice and support.” In IT, a world where so little is personal, August eTech finds a way to personalize each interaction with each client.

However, unlike many other MSPs that offer a large selection of services, August eTech only provides four types of services with the intention of excelling in each one. In addition to MSP services, these include cybersecurity, IT projects, and CIO services. Often, small or medium companies have a blind spot when it comes to managing cybersecurity.

“The biggest problem with the owners of small businesses is they don’t understand the need for security mechanisms; they think that since they’re small their IT infrastructure doesn’t need to be as sound, or that they’re not at risk. In my view, that’s an even a bigger reason to make sure they are secure,” adds Mahlmann.

August eTech thus addresses the need for cybersecurity solutions among such organizations with disaster recovery and prevention plans, security cloud services, and other robust offerings. Similarly, the company places an emphasis on educating its clients as they go.

Additionally, August eTech offers managed CIO (Chief Information Officer) services. The company analyzes clients’ infrastructure needs and assists them through the process of moving to a new place and setting up the infrastructure. The CIO service initiative at August eTech is personally led by Mahlmann, and this past fall she traveled overseas as for a client, taking her company international for the first time in Beijing, China.

Currently, Mahlmann is bringing together a group of experts to offer more accurate consultancy services to businesses. She is also expanding August eTech to newer cities to connect with more small and medium businesses. Internationally, the company is all set to further expand in the European market next year.

Mahlmann says, “The dream we had of helping other businesses has already come true, and we are all set to win over new territories now.”

August eTech, Hamilton Square. www.augustetech.com.

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