Attack of the Trednods

The rally ring of roses rang

While cockle crows shined purple fangs

All readied to save Starkle Tweet

A quiet place where Trednod feet

Can turn the drifting silent dins

Into a month of rattle grins.

“No rattle grins,” the slithers cried,

“The Trednod march. We need to hide,

or be trampled under toes.”

“Don’t worry,” cawed the cockle crows.

Crows flew the cider waves of Mork

Each purple fang dropped silver forks

Upon the Trednods’ green webbed toes

Slithers hid as cockle crows

Drove back the stomping Trednod feet

Than all the slithers did repeat,

“Hurray! We’re saved from rattle grins

They will not stop our silent dins.”

— Carol MacAllister

MacAllister has been writing for many years and is finishing up an MFA in creative writing at Wilkes University. Her work is included in several trade paperback short story collections. The working title of her historical novel is “God Only Watches.”

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