A brutally hot summer to be followed by what promises to be a cold, snowy winter is enough to make any homeowner think closely about the condition of the home’s heating and cooling systems. ATS Mechanical owner Andy Steward advises, “Don’t wait until the system quits. Consistent, preventative maintenance will reduce your chances of ever having to try to get a repair done in the middle of a storm or heat wave. Be proactive about your HVAC system’s efficiency.”

Steward has more than 30 years’ experience providing quality services in HVAC to both residential and commercial customers. Conveniently located in Bordentown, ATS Mechanical’s team of experts go beyond installation and repair. They focus on custom duct work, manufacturing systems that fit a whole house design. Working with engineers and contractors, ATS realizes solutions for variable designs and unique situations.

ATS is one of the area’s leading experts in Daikin systems, one of the world’s leaders in air conditioning and heating. Daikin innovates solutions for homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and more, creating efficient and effective new technology.

Says Steward, “ATS Mechanical is dedicated to finding sustainable ways to provide efficient heating and cooling to any environment. Old technology wastes money and resources. We strive to find manufacturers of systems that seek to improve heating and cooling delivery. An example of this innovation is Daikin’s VRV system. It was the first use of variable refrigerant flow control, which circulates the minimum amount of refrigerant needed at any one time. This allows individual climate control zones.”

“Whether you have a home or a business, no one wants to waste money, but too often the largest system on your premises is the one that is neglected until the worst happens. Older units should be checked regularly and replaced with more efficient technology when needed. A system that fails can be an inconvenience but a system that is faulty can lead to disaster such as carbon monoxide buildup or worse.”

ATS Mechanical services all types of systems including central air, forced hot air, oil and gas burners, split (ductless) ACs, overhead and rooftop units, and humidification systems. They provide 24-hour emergency service as well so that customers have the peace of mind that the same team that maintains their system are the ones to repair it.

“Mother Nature is unpredictable,” Steward warns. “Be prepared and have your HVAC system checked now so that whatever surprises she has in store don’t spell disaster. Enjoy watching the snow come down from the cozy comfort of your home. Peace of mind comes from knowing you have taken the steps needed to keep warm, safe, and fuel efficient.”

ATS Mechanical. 609-298-2323. www.atsmechanical.com.

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