While technically not part of a conventional smart home, AtmosFX “Digital Decorations” are a really fun way to spread holiday cheer in the home, especially for Christmas and Halloween. These are animated video vignettes that you can project on your window or wall, or show on a video display hanging like a window or portrait on your wall.

For Christmas, these include the shadow of Jolly St. Nick arriving on the Night Before Christmas, as well as vignettes for Santa’s workshop or Winter Wonderland scenes.

And for Halloween (or other events where you want to have fun being scary), you can show scary witches and ghosts, creepy crawlies, skeletons and zombies, and movie monsters, plus more lighthearted singing pumpkins and dancing skeletons.

There are lots of fun ways to display these, including:

Display on a TV monitor. Hung on a wall like a portrait, or positioned in a window to play outside.

Project directly on walls. Show creepy crawlies or zombies that appear to burst out of the surface, or even project animated faces directly onto pumpkins.

Show silhouettes moving in the house by rear-projecting on a sheet hanging in a window.

Show ghosts that hover in mid-air by projecting onto a semi-transparent mesh material hanging in the doorway, archway or yard.

Even project a character video onto a draped human form. The body comes alive, including hand gestures.

You can buy various themed packs with collections of some 3 to 11 clips ($19.99 to $39.99), or individual scenes ($5.99 to $9.99). They are available as immediate digital downloads, with some also available on DVD or SD card. You then can play the clips from a computer, or DVD player, or from a projector.

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