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At the Movies: Jersey Fresh Media

The New Jersey International Film Festival sets its

sights locally this summer with "Jersey Fresh Media," a


of premiere screenings of nine short films and videos by 10 New Jersey

filmmakers. The program screens on Friday, July 25, in Scott Hall,

Room 123, of the Rutgers College Avenue campus in New Brunswick.


show includes guest appearances by the films’ directors or their


some of whom, like Kelly Oliver of Highland Park, are first-time


Audiences can meet the artists, ask questions, and share information

about getting work up on the silver screen. The program, without the

guest directors, repeats on Sunday, July 27.

Featured in the "Jersey Fresh" showcase is "Status,"

a 30-minute film by Andrew Burroughs of Plainfield. This is Burroughs’

third film but his first full-scale production, and his debut on the

film festival circuit. Burroughs studied at William Patterson


and self-financed his movie by working a part-time job in retail.

He describes "Status" as a modern love story that deals with

the temptations and downfalls of the excessive materialism that runs

rampant throughout African-American society. The story begins when

Kevin (played by Al Thompson), a part-time college student, looks

at his life and comes under the false impression that he has nothing

to show for it. Feeling rejected, frustrated and desperate to add

flash to his life, Kevin decides to sacrifice everything he has;

however, the fruits of Kevin’s new status soon turn sour.

Also featured on the bill is Hafeez Saheed’s "Hand Job," a

racy title for a short film about a manicure. "Mind the


by Eve Rametta of Highland Park is a small melodrama about an


housesitter. Also featured is "Orange" by Gregg Biermann;

"Bent" by Ivan Velez; "Jane" by Kelly Oliver; "I

Work and I Have Fun" by Haese Maggie; "Oh Say Can You See"

by Mark Gasper and Matthew Mallinson; and "Ugly and Me" by

Peter Shea.

Two free old-fashioned outdoor movie screenings, presented at Highland

Park Middle School, conclude the NJIFF summer season. Offering smash

favorites of two generations, the shows are "Princess Bride"

on Saturday, July 19, and the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman


"Casablanca" on Saturday, July 26.

Jersey Fresh Media, New Jersey International Film


Scott Hall, Room 123, Rutgers College Avenue campus, New Brunswick,

732-932-8482. Friday and Sunday, July

25 and 27, at 7 p.m.

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At the Movies

New Jersey International Film Festival screenings are

Fridays through Sunday in Scott Hall, Room 123, Rutgers College Avenue

campus; Thursday screenings are in Loree Hall 024, Douglass College

campus; with selected free events at 9 p.m. Highland Park Middle


North Fifth Avenue, Highland Park. Admission $6; all Rutgers programs

begin at 7 p.m. Information 732-932-8482 or

The Thief of Baghdad, 1940 Academy Award winner, Thursday,

July 17. Match Scratch Fever, short feature bill, Friday and

Sunday, July 18 and 20. Princess Bride, free outdoor series,

Saturday, July 19, Highland Park. Casablanca, free outdoor


Highland Park, Saturday, July 26.

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