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At the Movies

Confirm titles with theaters.

Battlefield Earth. John Travolta plays a conqueror from

outer space in this sci-fi based on L. Ron Hubbard’s novel. AMC,

Destinta, Mercer, Loews, Regal.

The Big Kahuna.Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito star. AMC.

Center Stage. Young dancers from New York’s American Ballet

Theater portray aspiring dancers competing for a spot in a ballet

academy.AMC, Destinta, Mercer, Montgomery, Loews, Regal.

Dinosaur.The larger-than-life animation from the Disney

studios. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Marketfair, Montgomery,


East-West. Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film. Marketfair,


Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts plays a real-life crusader

bent on revealing both her cleavage and the polluting sins of a power

company. AMC, Marketfair, Regal.

Final Destination. Sci-fi mystery about a high school

air crash survivor in peril. AMC.

Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Stone-age cartoon characters.

AMC, Destinta, Loews, MarketFair, Regal.

Frequency. Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel star. AMC,

Destinta, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Gladiator. Russell Crowe stars in this Roman epic adventure

by DreamWorks Pictures. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer, Montgomery,


Held Up. Jamie Foxx stars in this road-movie hostage comedy.

AMC, Destinta, Loews, Mercer.

High Fidelity. John Cusack plays the owner of a retro

record store whose business is failing, and whose life stinks. MarketFair.

I Dreamed of Africa. Kim Basinger stars in the life story

of an Italian woman who starts a new life in Kenya. Marketfair.

Keeping the Faith. Edward Norton directs and stars with

Ben Stiller and Jen Elfman. AMC, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Love and Basketball. Spike Lee co-produced this story

about childhood adversaries, who take their love of basketball to

the big leagues. AMC, Garden, Loews.

Return to Me. Romantic comedy starring David Duchovny

(`X-Files’) and Minnie Driver (`Good Will Hunting’). AMC, Mercer.

Road Trip. An `Animal House’ inspired film by Todd Phillips.

AMC, Destinta, Loews, MarketFair, Regal.

Rules of Engagement. A war hero (Samuel L. Jackson) stands

trial for supposed war crimes and finds an advocate in Tommy Lee Jones.

AMC, Loews.

Screwed. An earthy comedy starring Norm MacDonald and

Danny DeVito. AMC, Destinta, Mercer, Loews, Regal.

Shanghai Noon. Comic Western stars Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson,

and Lucy Liu. AMC, Regal.

Small Time Crooks. Woody Allen wrote, directed, and stars.

AMC, Garden, Loews, Mercer, Montgomery, Regal.

Up at the Villa.Kristin Scott Thomas and Sean Penn star

in a thrilling, sexy romance by the director of "Angels and Insects."

Marketfair, Montgomery.

U-571. Harvey Keitel stars in this Navy suspense film.

AMC, Loews, Mercer, Regal.

Virgin Suicides. Sofia Coppola, daughter of the film giant,

makes her directorial debut. AMC, Montgomery, Regal.

Where the Heart Is. Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman star.

AMC, Garden, Mercer, Regal.

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AMC Hamilton 24 Theaters, 325 Sloan Avenue, I-295 Exit

65A, 609-890-8307. 24-screen, stadium-seating. $7; $5 matinees; $5


Destinta, Independence Plaza, 2465 South Broad Street,

Hamilton, 609-888-4500. Stadium-seating 12-screen. $6.75 adults; $5


East Windsor Cinemas, Routes 130 and 571, 609-443-9295.

$3 adults; $2.50 matinees.

Garden Theater, 160 Nassau Street, 609-683-7595. $6.50

adults; $4 matinees.

Loews Theaters, Route 1 South, New Brunswick, 732-846-9200.

Stadium-seating multiplex. $8.50 adults; $5.25 matinees.

MarketFair-UA, Route 1 South, 609-520-8700. $7.50

adults; $4.75 matinees.

Mercer Mall General Cinemas, Route 1, 609-452-2868.

$7.25 adults; $4.75 matinees.

Montgomery Center Theater, Routes 206 and 518,

Rocky Hill, 609-924-7444. $7 adults; $4.25 matinees.

Regal Cinemas Town Center Plaza, 319 Route 130 North,

East Windsor, 609-371-8473. Stadium-seating, 15 screens. $8 adults;

$5 matinees.

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Puttin’ On the Ritz, 915 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, has

auditions for a 1940s-style comedy, "Vaudeville Villains,"

Sunday, June 4. Director Bruce Curless seeks four male and three female

performers for the farce set in the Catskills. Prepare a two-minute

comic monologue. To schedule call 856-858-5230.

Participate Please

New Jersey State Council on the Arts individual artist

fellowship guidelines and applications in crafts, sculpture, photography,

interdisciplinary performance, prose, poetry, and playwriting for

year 2001 funding are now available. Deadline for applications is

Friday, July 14. Eligible artists must be New Jersey residents; fellowships

are awarded solely on the basis of artistic excellence. A technical

assistance workshop for applicants will be given Wednesday, June 21,

at 5:30 p.m. at George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick (register at

609-292-6130). To request guidelines and application call the Mid

Atlantic Arts Foundation at 410-539-6656, ext. 101.

The Friends of the New Jersey State Museum will host a

trip to the studio and gardens of Bennett Bean in Blairstown, followed

by an afternoon at Peters Valley Craft Center, on Friday, June 9.

Cost is $50 and includes box lunch with wine. Call 609-394-5310.

Pietro Designs, 962 Alexander Road, Princeton Junction,

offers creative drawing classes every Wednesday from 8 to 10 p.m.

Cost is $21. Call 609-799-3714.

The New Hope Outdoor Arts & Crafts Festival is accepting

applications for its annual juried show, to be held October 7 and

8. Last year the festival featured 180 artists from 22 states. Deadline

for applications is June 1. To request an application, call 215-598-3301.

J.B. Winberie’s, Palmer Square, is launching a contest

to celebrate its new menu cover featuring Princeton personalities

by artist by Liz Wolton. Three winners receive a $100 gift certificate.

Contest deadline is June 16. Entries available at the restaurant.

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