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At the Movies

The New Jersey International Film Festival, showcasing

new international films, American independent features, experimental

and short subjects, classic revivals, and cutting-edge documentaries,

opens Friday, May 31, and runs through July 27. This year’s edition

features 33 film screenings, including 15 New Jersey or area premieres.

Featured on opening weekend is Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s "Amelie,"

an enchanted vision of Paris; Mohsen Makmalbaf’s haunting film "Kandahar,"

about the suffering of Afghan women under the Taliban; and Gail Dollin

and Vicente Franco’s riveting, "The Daughter from Danang,"

a film about longing and the personal legacy of war. The latter film

also won this year’s Sundance Film Festival’s best documentary prize.

Also featured this summer is Barbara Klutims’s poignant documentary

"Ashes to Ashes," a film about artist Rebecca Hasteltine’s

response to the September 11 terrorist attacks; Dmitry Torgovitsky’s

"Pugsly," a light-hearted New York CIty dog story; and Jay

Giampietro’s black comedy, "Mr. Rose."

One of the attractions of the NJ Film Fest format are the visiting

directors who come to talk about their work. John Hulme will be present

at the screening of his documentary, "Unknown Soldier," on

Friday, June 28. Jay Giampietro and lead actor Fred Leeds will screen

and discuss their comedy "Mr. Rose," which was shot in Bound

Brook, on Friday, June 29. And filmmaker Jeff Cline, of Berkeley Heights,

will present his prize-winning animated film "Going Postal"

on Friday, July 19.

Videomakers April Allridge of Highland Park and Gregg Biermann of

Hackensack will be at the festival to present their works "The

Beasts of All Hallows Eve" and "The Waters of Casablanca"

on Friday, July 26.

Also getting screened will be winners of the New Jersey International

Film Festival’s own 2002 Competition for independently made films

and videos from throughout North America. Entries were screened by

a jury consisting of media professionals, faculty, and students: Rita

Banerjee, Ian Bonifield, Jason Currie, Ben Egan, Vic Fern, Paul Andre

Fonarev, Anthony Grippa, Sharon Kasper, Cynthia Liang, Eric Lybeck,

Lisa Mazzella, A.G. Nigrin, Alisa Khosrovschahi, Jamie Shuali, and

Dean Tsistinas.

An added attraction this year is a July series of free, Saturday night

outdoor screenings of some favorite films of all time. These are shown

at the Highland Park Middle School on four Saturday evenings in July

beginning at 9 p.m. As usual, the festival also includes some classic

international revival films that Jean Delannoy and Jean Cocteau’s

"The Eternal Return," a modern reworking of the Tristan and

Isolde legend; a retrospective of the films of Maya Deren "the

mother of American experimental film;" and Peter Greenaway’s stunningly

filmed 17th-century whodunit "The Draughtman’s Contract."

New Jersey Film Festival

NJ Film Festival screenings are Fridays through Sunday

in Scott Hall, Room 123, Rutgers College Avenue campus, near the corner

of College Avenue and Hamilton Street. Thursday screenings are in

Loree Hall, Room 024, Douglass College campus, near the corner of

Nichol Avenue and George Street; with selected free events at Borders

Books, Route 18 South, East Brunswick. Admission $5; all programs

begin at 7 p.m. Call 732-932-8482 or on the Web at:

Amelie. Summer festival opens with French director Jean-Pierre

Jeunet’s romantic comedy starring Audrey Tautou as the girl who can

work magic; May 31 to June 2. The Eternal Return. Directed by

Jean Delannoy, 1945; Thursday, June 6. The Royal Tenenbaums,

directed by Wes Anderson, 2001; June 7 to 9.

Maya Deren Retrospective with "Meshes of the Afternoon,"

"At Land," "A Study in Choreography for the Camera,"

"Ritual in Transfigured Time." "Meditation on Violence,"

and "The Very Eye of Night," directed by Maya Deren from 1943

to 1959; Thursday, June 13.

Kandahar, Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s 2001 feature set in Afghanistan

under the Taliban; June 14 to 16. The Draughtsman’s Contract,

Peter Greenaway’s 1983 study in decadence; Thursday, June 20. Daughter

From Danang , directed by Gail Dollin and Vicente Franco, 2002;

June 21 to 23.

Ashes to Ashes, Art of Rebecca Haseltine, directed by

Rebecca Haseltine and Barbara Klutinis, 2001. Also PUGSLY a.k.a.

Manhattan Dog Story directed by Dmitry Torgovisky, 2001. Free at

Borders, Wednesday, June 26.

Unknown Soldier, directed by John Hulme, 2002; June 28.

Mr. Rose. Directed by Jay Giampietro (2001) with "The Global

Banquet: Politics of Food," directed by John Ankele, Ann Macksoud,

and Lawrence M. Rich (2001); June 29. Legalized America, directed

by Michael Ball (2002), with "Investigation of a Flame," directed

by Lynne Sachs (2001), June 30. Shrek. New threshhold in animation,

directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, 2001. Free., Saturday,

July 6.

Un Chien Andalou, Luis Bunuel’s 1929 classic, with L’Age

d’Or , directed by Salvador Dali, 1930; July 11. Mulletville,

Charles Creasy, 2002, July 12 and 14. Some Like It Hot, Billy

Wilder directs Marilyn Monroe and company (1959), free, Saturday,

July 13.

Going Postal, directed by Jeff Cline (2002) with Liberation

Now , directed by Judith Carlin and Roy E. Lowrance (2002), and

Strange Fruit by Joel Katz (2002), Friday, July 19. Fantasia,

Disney classic on the big screen, directed by Ben Sharpsteen (1940),

free, Saturday, July 20.

Obedience, directed by Stanley Milgram (1965), free, Wednesday,

July 24. The Beast of All Hallows Eve by April Allridge (2001)

with The Waters of Casablanca by Gregg Viermann (2002) and Shelter

by Anne Lewis (2001), Friday, July 26. Rear Window, the 1954

Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, free, Saturday, July 27.

Free Outdoor Revival Screenings

Highland Park Middle School, North Fifth Avenue and Montgomery

Street, Highland Park. Four Saturdays in July at 9 p.m. Free.

Shrek. New threshhold in animation, directed by Andrew

Adamson and Vicky Jenson, 2001, Saturday, July 6. Some Like It

Hot , Billy Wilder directs Marilyn Monroe and company (1959), Saturday,

July 13. Fantasia, Disney classic on the big screen, directed

by Ben Sharpsteen (1940), Saturday, July 20. Rear Window, the

1954 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece thriller, Saturday, July 27.

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Mainstream Movies

Confirm titles with theaters.

About a Boy. Hugh Grant in romantic comedy based on Nick

Hornby’s popular novel about a child who changes his life. AMC,

Loews, MarketFair, Multiplex .

Changing Lanes. Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson star

in a thriller about briefcase swapping after a New York traffic accident.

AMC, Destinta, Loews, MarketFair, Multiplex.

Deuces Wild. Scott Kalvert directs romantic drama set

in the rough streets of Brooklyn in 1958. AMC, Destinta,

Loews, Multiplex .

Dogtown and Z-Boys. Director Stacy Peralta reunites the

Zephyr Boys from Santa Monica, kids of the early 1970s. Garden.

Enigma. The story of Britain’s World War II Bletchley

Park code breakers and their tangled web of intrigue. Montgomery.

Enough. Jennifer Lopez has had enough of her abusive husband.

Destinta, Multiplex.

Hollywood Ending. Woody Allen’s latest comedy about a

failed film director (Woody Allen) who finds himself temporarily blind.

AMC, Garden, Loews, Montgomery, Multiplex.

Ice Age. Animated comedy with Ray Romano and John Leguizamo

as sub-zero heroes. Destinta.

Insomnia. Al Pacino and Robin Williams play psychological

games as detective and suspect in murder investigation of a teenage

girl. Destinta, Multiplex.

Jason X. In the year 2455 a defrosted Jason returns to

his old way of life, and death. Destinta.

Monsoon Wedding. A colorful and bittersweet comedy about

a young bride and her family gathered in New Delhi for her arranged

marriage. Montgomery, Multiplex.

Murder by Numbers. Sandra Bullock plays a homicide detective.

AMC, Loews, Multiplex.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Romantic comedy stars Nia Vardalos

as the unmarried daughter of Greek restaurant owners who falls in

love with a foreigner. AMC, Montgomery, Multiplex.

Mystic Masseur. Ismail Merchant directs film about a masseur

in Trinidad involved in Hinduism and healing. Garden.

New Guy. Comedy about the popular new kid who finds that

kids from his old school have transferred too. AMC, Destinta,

Loews, MarketFair, Multiplex .

Nine Queens. Fabian Bielinsky film about con men, cards,

crime, and swindlers. Montgomery.

No Man’s Land. Danis Tanovic’s Oscar-winning film about

Bosnian and Serb soldiers stranded in a trench between enemy lines.


Panic Room. Jodie Foster gets terrorized in this sadistic

David Fincher thriller. AMC.

Rain. Christine Jeff’s film about a dysfunctional family.


The Rookie. Dennis Quaid struggles for baseball glory.

AMC, MarketFair, Multiplex.

Scorpion King. The Rock plays an assassin in action film

set in Gomorrah 5,000 years ago. AMC, Destinta, Loews, Multiplex.

Spider-Man. Sam Raimi directs Tobey Maguire as the Marvel

Comics legend and garners new fans. AMC, Destinta, Loews,

MarketFair, Multiplex .

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Animated family drama

about a wild mustang on the American frontier, with voices of Bryan

Adams, James Cromwell, and Matt Damon. Destinta, Multiplex.

Star Wars: Episode II. George Lucas returns with an epic

digital fantasy about intrigue in the galaxy. AMC, Destinta,

Garden, Loews, MarketFair, Multiplex .

Unfaithful. Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Olivier Martinez

star. AMC, Destinta, Loews, MarketFair, Multiplex


Y Tu Mama Tambien. Coming of age film about two wealthy

Mexican teenagers and a married woman. Montgomery.

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AMC Hamilton 24 Theaters, Sloan Avenue, I-295 Exit 65-A,

609-890-8307. Stadium-seating. $7.50; $5.50 matinees; $3.75 twilight.

Destinta, Independence Plaza, 264 South Broad Street,

Hamilton, 609-888-4500. Stadium-seating 12-screen. $7.50; $5.50 students;

$5 matinees & Tuesday nights.

Garden Theater, 160 Nassau Street, 609-683-7595. Two

screens. $8; $5 before 6 p.m.

Loews Theaters, Route 1 South, New Brunswick, 732-846-9200.

Stadium-seating multiplex. $8.50 adults; $5.25 matinees.

MarketFair-UA, Route 1 South, 609-520-8700. $7.50

adults; $4.75 matinees.

Montgomery Center Theater, Routes 206 and 518,

609-924-7444. $8 adults; $5 matinees.

Multiplex Cinemas Town Center Plaza, Route 130 North,

East Windsor, 609-371-8473. Stadium seating, 15 screens. $7.50 adults;

$5.25 matinees.

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