Like a cross between a living room and an operating room, the new offices of Arthritis, Rheumatic, & Back Disease Associates (affectionately referred to as “ARBDA”) are adorned with artwork created by their patients, heartfelt letters of appreciation, and other hallmarks of a team whose mission is to positively impact the lives of communities throughout New Jersey. Peeking out from within this mosaic is also a myriad of accolades from local and nationally recognized organizations (including Philadelphia Magazine and US News & World Report), commendations from various professional organizations (such as the American College of Rheumatology and the American Medical Association), and many others. While “it’s always incredible to be recognized by your peers — those accolades pale in comparison to the opinions of anyone entrusted to our care,” said Dr. Adrienne Hollander, ARBDA’s managing physician partner.

Founded more than 40 years ago, ARBDA has grown rapidly and is the leading rheumatology practice in New Jersey (and one of the largest nationally), with locations serving Hamilton, Moorestown, Voorhees, Galloway, Wall, & Washington Township. Yet, by remaining independent from the large hospital systems ARBDA has distinguished itself by having maintained its patient-driven, community focus.

“When you come to visit us for the first time we are keenly aware that most people feel sick, in pain, and are worried about what the future will hold if their symptoms continue. One of the things we always try to remind patients is that we are not a big hospital system. If you need help, our team is here for you. One of our physicians is on-call 24/7 if you need us,” says Dr. Neha Patel, a physician-partner at ARBDA who sees patients in Hamilton, Wall, and Moorestown.

More Than Just Arthritis: Rheumatologists are considered the medical specialists who focus on the health of both your bones and joints. Most people correctly associate rheumatologists with arthritis, a debilitating and often chronic condition involving swollen and painful joints. That said, “arthritis” can have many causes. For example, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis are actually diseases where the body’s immune system is not working correctly. This is in contrast to osteoarthritis, which is more of the “wear and tear” type and is frequently related to aging.

“As we age it is extremely common to experience some degree of increased joint pain or discomfort,” says Dr. Amy Evangelisto, an ARBDA physician and director of the ARBDA Ultrasound Program, “but, sometimes, it can be hard to know what the root cause of this pain is without seeking help from a physician who specializes in exactly these types of situations. This is where your rheumatologist fits in as part of your healthcare team.”

Rheumatologists also diagnose and treat many other conditions that involve both the musculoskeletal and immune systems including carpal tunnel syndrome, lupus, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, and polymyalgia rheumatica (among others).

Osteoporosis is another area of specialization at ARBDA. Weak bones can contribute to severe fractures from falls and can be a major source of disability as we age. The ARBDA team can help assess your risk for osteoporosis and provide early medical intervention that reduces the chance of osteoporosis-related fractures occurring.

Academic Compassion: The 16 physicians at ARBDA — all rheumatologists — are extremely passionate about their field. Dr. Janet Krommes believes there are very tangible benefits to being part of a single-specialty practice: “One of the best things about our roster of physician-scientists is our ongoing academic discourse. We don’t even think twice about comparing notes, discussing the merits of different treatment modalities, and often work collaboratively to manage complex cases.”

The practice is also extremely proud of its new IDYLLIC Infusion Centers. Many of the newest treatments are actually infused (i.e., given via IV), which used to require a trip to the nearest hospital. The team at ARBDA provides these state-of-the-art medications in every one of their offices so that patients have a level of convenience and flexibility that is simply not possible in a hospital setting.

For everyone who works at ARBDA, a sense of fulfillment comes when a patient arrives for a return visit feeling better and fully capable of doing everything that he or she loves, whether it’s returning to work, playing with their children (or grandchildren), or spending time in the garden. “A lot of people don’t know that rheumatologic disease can have a bigger impact on quality of life than heart disease or even cancer,” says Dr. Janet Krommes. “When my patients can get back to doing what they love in life … Well, that’s why I became a doctor in the first place.”

Our new Hamilton office, located at 3635 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 33, in Hamilton is proudly served by: Janet Krommes, M.D., Neha Patel, M.D., and Nadi Dissanayaka, D.O.

Arthritis, Rheumatic & Back Disease Associates has offices in Hamilton, Voorhees, Moorestown, Galloway, Wall, and Washington Township. If you have questions about joint pain or would like to discuss what options may be available to you please call us at 856-424-5005 or visit our website at

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