Images produced by scientists can have value, not only for science, but also as art. Princeton University’s second annual “Art of Science” exhibit will open with a reception on Wednesday, May 10, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Friend Center, Olden Avenue.

The juried show has nearly 50 images, videos, and sounds that were produced in the course of scientific or technical research from a dozen different departments at the university.

“Much of the work that we find so compelling may be likened to ‘found art,’” says Adam Finkelstein, associate professor of computer science. “Researchers create images or other artifacts in the pursuit of math, science, and engineering, and often they turn out to be quite beautiful. The question of whether this is serendipity, or perhaps the expression of some deeper connections between esthetics, order, nature, and complexity remains to be answered by the viewer.”

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