“Evening Stroll” by Sean Carney.

Artists responded to U.S. 1’s invitation to share visual thoughts, feelings, and discoveries during our current health crisis.

This week Robbinsville-based artist and Lawrence High School instructor Sean Carney, whose “Evening Stroll” is pictured above, notes the following:

Since the onset of the COVID-19 quarantine I’ve been focusing primarily on small works. Like most artists my interests change from time to time. With the small works, I wanted to challenge myself by seeing how much depth, atmosphere and detail I could put into my tiniest pieces.

My new works range from 8×8 inches to below 4 inches square. These miniature paintings sometimes take as long to create as a much larger work.

During the creation of these works, I started getting interested in boxes/shadow boxes. The presentation of the work became a very important part of the work.

Some pieces float inside a box, some works are carved with a Dremel for texture, and some pieces are painted on all sides for an illusionary effect. I also wanted to create works that were much more affordable during this time of financial insecurity.

After I had created roughly 15 new pieces, I reached out to Lisa Kovacs the owner of Gallery On Fourth in Easton, Pennsylvania, and asked if she would exhibit my small works.

She agreed and since then the exhibit “All Things Great and Small” has grown to include my larger works as well, up to 40×40 inches. It is great seeing the miniature paintings paired with their much larger siblings.

The show has been up since June and with the way things are going right now; we are not sure when it will come down.

Submit artwork to dan@princetoninfo.com.

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