The submission deadline is fast approaching for U.S. 1’s annual Summer Fiction issue, coming Wednesday, July 27, with a reception to celebrate scheduled sometime in August (we will have details on that later).

To those who already submitted we say thank you. And if you sent your work in by E-mail you should have already gotten a quick thank you and a “got it” message. If you didn’t get that reply then it is entirely possible yours was lost in the online ether. Feel free to send it again, but please note that it is a “resubmission “ in the subject line.

If you have not yet submitted please note again that the deadline is “fast approaching.” But take heart: It’s not quite as fast as it had been because we have just extended the deadline by one week. We now have until Friday, June 17, to gather all your work, and then work as hard as we can to print as much of it as possible.

We remind all of you that this is not a contest, but rather a chance to share the creative output of our community with the readers of this paper. Send your poem or short story to or mail it to U.S. 1 Summer Fiction, 15 Princess Road, Suite K, Lawrenceville 08648.

#b#To the Editor: Let’s Clear the Air At Enjoyable Event#/b

I’m a film lover and the Trenton Film Festival (U.S. 1, May 25) is most appealing to me, but I cannot attend. I attended a play recently at Mill Hill Playhouse and could not breathe inside that building. The air was musty and the walls appeared covered with dust. It felt creepy and dismal.

I understand that finding locations for an event such as this is difficult but I remember several years ago when they had multiple locations throughout Trenton. In fact, at least one of those years I wrote about the event for U.S. 1.

I’m truly sorry to be missing an event that I know I’d enjoy — if only it were in a healthier environment. I wonder if there’s some requirement for health inspection of air quality. I wish these people success and long life and look forward to being able to breathe during future film showings.

Phyllis Spiegel


Online comment: Ilene Dube, working in her capacity as a staffer at the D&R Greenway, commented on the June 1 story on artist Marina Ahun Vorojeykina and noted that her painting, “Now and for the Future,” a depiction of Meredith’s Garden for Inspiration, is on display at the D&R Greenway’s Johnson Education Center.

“The watercolor was a gift from documentary producer Greg Moore and Ahun, and includes children at play, serving as a reminder that children are the beneficiaries of D&R Greenway’s preserved land,” writes Dube. “First-run limited edition giclee prints and note cards bearing the image are for sale to help support the work of D&R Greenway.”

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