Arlee’s Raw Blends on Nassau Street fills the needs of both devotees of cleansing and newcomers to the world of cold pressed, raw juice who want to relieve, release and refine their systems. The typical American diet is overloaded with carbohydrates, fats, gluten, GMO products and other toxins that foul our bodies. The certified organic ingredients of each of Arlee’s powerful juices reboot your entire system to restore the gut and get rid of bloat. At last, there is in Princeton a source for meticulously prepared juices and vegan meals.

Arlee’s provides raw and vegan grab and go bites that are non-dairy, gluten and GMO free. And everything is made in-house. Look no further for savory cashew scallion cream cheese and kale pesto, salads and vegan vegetable wraps chock full of organic ingredients everyone would love.

And don’t forget the wholesome snacks, breakfast berry parfait, chia puddings, almond yogurt and rich vanilla bean cheesecake (without a drop of dairy). The walnut, date and raw cacao truffles can be addictive.

Arlee’s happily delivers to local hotels, spas, yoga studios and gyms. Raising awareness of the benefits of a purer diet is a large part of Arlee’s mission. To that end they are partnering with area wellness and fitness providers to encourage healthy consumption of the best foods.

Arlee’s Raw Blends began when Arlee, a new mother, sought a better way to eat so that she could obtain the vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes that would reinvigorate her body. To begin, she diligently prepared her own fresh juices. She was amazed at the results — the weight loss was expected, but the newfound energy, rejuvenated complexion and natural glow were welcomed surprises. Everyone noticed the changes and asked what was new. Arlee happily started to sing the praises of drinking raw, cold-pressed juices. With her hectic schedule, however, Arlee realized that she simply could not always find the time to make juice daily.

Nowhere in the Princeton area could she find a source for fresh cold pressed juices. Friends too commented on the absence of a place to find quality juice. Her husband, Brian Moore, spent countless hours perfecting unique blends of organic juices and selecting the best purveyors of local organic vegetables and fruits. The result is the very best cold pressed organic juice blends available anywhere.

Not only did Brian come up blends of great juices. He also saw a business opportunity with his sister, Paula Taylor. They both grew up as part of a farming family in Georgia that has lasted over three generations. Brian later got a degree in hotel and restaurant management at the University of Maryland. That deep background uniquely positions them to seek out the best sources for USDA certified organic produce in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Keeping their footprint as local as possible allows them to oversee the selection of ingredients.

Paula also had some important connections. She and her husband have been a host family to rowers from the USA team that trains on Lake Carnegie and at Mercer County Park. The rowers have taken to Arlee’s, as an article on the team website ( attests:

“How do rowers balance their nutritional needs when they burn between 5,000 and 9,000 calories each day? It helps if they work at a local juice store.”

The website explains how several rowers were at Paula’s home when Brian began creating juices. The rowers “would help out when they could, mostly washing the vegetables and tasting the various juices.” The rowers said they were virtually “the designated tasters. We tried hundreds of different juices.”

Regardless of the type of diet you want to pursue for your best health — Paleo, vegan, South Beach, etc.— Arlee’s provides the freshest, purest ingredients. Stop in for a taste test and to discuss the type of cleanse that is right for you. The Relieve Cleanse is for someone with little or no experience; Release is for those who make a habit of eating whole foods and work out regularly; and Refine is best for those who seek optimal results.

Since opening in April, 2015, Arlee’s has clearly become Princeton’s source for the finest organic products and its community of fans is growing fast. Knowledgeable staff is always ready to serve up the best of the best.

Arlee’s Raw Blends, 246 Nassau Street, Princeton. 609-580-1899. Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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