Every picture tells a story, so Rod Stewart tells us. And film brings that story dramatically alive. Just ask Steve Besserman, award-winning documentarian. As Chief Storyteller of AriJoe Productions, Besserman has had the privilege to film the stories of individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses, preserving them for posterity.

Besserman’s passion for documentary storytelling began with a very personal quest to record the life experience of his parents’ survival of the Holocaust. In January of 2010, Steven founded AriJoe Productions for the purpose of bringing his parents’ love story to the screen. “Only A Number” won Best Feature Documentary at the Jersey Shore Film Festival in 2011 and the New Hope Film Festival in 2012. It has been broadcast on PBS stations across the country and is part of the curriculum in New Jersey schools through the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education.

From that experience, Besserman created a company devoted to producing professional documentaries for a diverse clientele. “Small to mid-sized businesses want quality films highlighting their products and services that are distinguished from the run-of-the-mill videos that clutter the web and social media. Savvy owners know how vital it is to get their message to the public and visual storytelling is highly effective marketing.”

“Distribution channels are broader now, and the audience is more sophisticated thanks to the proliferation of outlets such as You Tube. There is a real risk to the business owner in having a subpar production that can actually undermine their image.”

Non-profit organizations too require fundraising and outreach that grabs the attention of the public. Nothing conveys the immediacy of an organization’s outreach better than a filmed record of its efforts on behalf of its cause. “Rather than static numbers on a page and single images in a brochure, a film portraying a charity’s mission brings to life the hard work and hard-won successes that make a difference. Hearing how effective their work is directly from those affected is powerful.”

Like his parents’ story, every family deserves to have its history recorded and shared. “There are no ordinary lives,” Besserman says. “Recording a life story is a journey back in time, a window into the past. That is why I offer a free consultation and provide clients with a detailed estimate for their personal documentary. While capturing memories for generations to come is priceless, I keep the actual cost very affordable.”

Known for high production values, including expert editing, specifically selected music, and personalized settings, AriJoe Productions provides quality films that elevate their subjects in a way that videos and home-movies never could. “It’s all about the story,” Besserman declares. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a film is worth a thousand pictures.”

AriJoe Productions, www.arijoe.com.

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