I screamed

she turned her head away

electric with anger

the red

that sang from her lips so


so beautiful and youthfully

flagrant on her face


we stand across from each


arms crossed


uncomfortable glances

she knows I am so easily disarmed

by her tears

but she doesn’t cry

she just turns and walks away

without speaking

and I am hungry

for another word

between us

there is nothing I understand of woman

Jim Gould was born in Gladstone, New Jersey, where he still resides. He has four sons and one beautiful granddaughter. Jim is the third generation in a family well drilling business which he now runs with his son. He is an elite level cyclist having raced competitively for more than 20 years. He has published two books of poetry, Holes in My Pockets (2008), and High Water (2011). Jim is currently working on his third book which he hopes to publish in 2016.

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