It’s not often that we receive a letter addressed to the “U.S. 1 Archival Staff,” and since we did we are eager to share the content with our entire readership.

The letter came from a couple in Waretown who had been researching liens posted against owners of waterfront property in New Jersey. What made their search more frantic was that the liens may not be known to the property owner until the land is sold — that was the predicament of our letter writers. Their research had led to an article in U.S. 1. regarding tidelands and environmental protection. Unfortunately they didn’t save the article, nor remember its exact title or even the year in which it was published.

But now they wanted to contact the lawyer mentioned in the article as soon as possible. Could we help?

We went to our website,, clicked on the “Search Our Archives” button on the left hand side of the home page, and searched on the keyword “tidelands.” The result: An article entitled “Beachfront Property Owners Beware,” written by Bart Jackson and published in the July 23, 2006, issue of U.S. 1. The article previewed a seminar being led by attorney Stuart Lieberman and explained how — due sometimes to shifting shorelines — property owners at the shore can suddenly discover what they thought had been theirs for generations no longer belonged to them.

We E-mailed the result of our search to the couple in Waretown, who responded: “Many thanks. Bingo! – This was exactly the article I had seen. You provided a very nice service here.”

As our “archival staff” will tell you, they couldn’t do it without experts willing to be interviewed and reporters who can write it up in plain English. We are all happy to help.

To the Editor:

In May of 2006 Bill Cirullo opened the doors of the Riverside School to our start-up chapter of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). Now, seven years later, the ADHD community of Mercer County considers the gym at the Riverside School their home for healing.

Gazing upon the inspirational Wall of Dreams (created by Ken Wilkie and Libby Ramage), we have shared knowledge, information, and personal stories, and helped one another gain the strength to make the lives of our ADHD loved ones more fulfilling. Thanks to Cirullo and his accomplished assistants, Maureen Murray and Cathy O’Neill, we have created a wellspring of support for ADHD in Mercer County.

This thank you would not be complete without recognizing the hard work of Tim Potocki, Ryan Weigand and Andre Denis who make sure we have plenty of seats, tables, and an open door to participation. CHADD Princeton Mercer County celebrates ADHD Awareness Month by sharing our appreciation for the Riverside School.

Jane Milrod

Founding Director, CHADD Princeton-Mercer County.

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