‘As I think about all of the successful couples that we’ve introduced this past year at New Jersey Singles, it really makes me smile,” states Jill Grossman, Director of New Jersey Singles-Lawrenceville. “Helping single people find love is what we do!”

New Jersey Singles provides one on one compatible introductions to quality singles with offices in Lawrenceville, Colts Neck, Bridgewater and Saddle Brook.

Ask yourself, are you meeting the type of people that you deserve to be meeting? If not, then now is the time to change that. In this web-centric society people have somehow lost the art of communicating face to face; this includes dating.

“One common denominator that we hear from our clients is that it is getting harder and harder to meet someone compatible and because of our society today, people have just forgotten how to date,” states Ms. Grossman. Sure the internet is a cheap and easy way to meet just anyone, or possibly a serial killer, but if you are picky and selective most oftentimes that is not the place to be “fishing” for a quality soulmate.

Since it is so hard to meet someone of quality, have you given up trying or are you just settling for whom you are dating now? Think of it this way, as you get older your circle of opportunity of meeting other singles gets smaller and smaller. You really have to place yourself in situations where there are professional/retired singles like yourself.

What are my choices, you ask? You can go to singles dances and feel awkward or embarrassed standing around waiting to talk to someone. You can try to go to singles parties where you see the same people who showed up last month. Bars are out of the question, online is a waste of time and your friends don’t know of anyone who is single and if they do, it’s definitely for a reason.

Or you can step outside the box and try New Jersey Singles. They do all the work for you and all you have to do is have fun, date and enjoy yourself. They take all the guess work out of dating, so you can relax and get to know the person you are with. Besides doing a criminal background check, New Jersey Singles builds an in-depth profile of each member. They match you based on more than looks, they match on compatibility which when you are dating someone new, can take months to years to find out.

Why waste another season alone? Spring into action and call New Jersey Singles at 1-888-417-0020 or go to www.newjerseysingles.com. Where professional turn to professionals for love!

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