by Carolyn Foote Edelmann

Inspired by Rory Mahon Fuji Crystal Print: Summer – Cornfield at Sunset, at D&R Greenway’s “The Road Not Taken” exhibition.

lie back on this soil

or what used to be soil

what nobody wants to realize

is sand/gravel/dust

—drought’s detritus

stare up from this soil

through the green shafts

of corn, or what used to be

green, before

the wages of emissions

turned all stalks to shocks

—first crisped to bisque

—then cinnamon brown

—dessicated to charcoal, even cinder

cornleaves used to be silken

rising like green fountains

from soil that was lush

in the former Garden State

—dessicated state

most guarded state

“Report Suspicious Behavior”

glares from bright white banner

above our US 1

I keep verdant memories

of festoons of corn

opening blue windows

to sky / to light

in that time before warming

became curse

Arts and Education Associate at D&R Greenway Land Trust, Carolyn spends her days doing whatever it takes to call attention to the urgency of saving land in our New Jersey. She maintains two nature blogs, NJ WILD for the Packet and “The Nature of Princeton” for Princeton Patch. In the 1970s she was accepted by Princeton University to study with Ted Weiss, Galway Kinnell and Stanley Plumly. She has been published since the 1970s in many literary journals, with two chapbooks to her name.

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