Everyone knows the first benefit of massage — it feels good.

But while massage helps us relax and soothes our tired muscles, the benefits of therapeutic massage are many. It helps ease anxiety and stress, it helps quell depression, it helps us sleep better, it boosts immunity, it can eliminate headaches, and it can even reduce the taxing effects of medical treatments like chemotherapy.

The staff at Ancient Arts Healing Center is dedicated to your whole health and well-being. Our Signature Swedish massage combines the long, fluid strokes of traditional Swedish massage with sports massage, reflexology, Ohashiatsu (an Eastern form of body work incorporating passive stretching and compression moves to bring the body into balance), and other modalities tailored just for you.

We also offer Reiki to channel universal energy into your body through the therapist’s hands to help clear and balance the body and mind. Reiki is not massage, but a laying-on of the hands at key points of the body — and many times we never even touch the body. Our massage and Reiki sessions offer natural, hands-on healing that allows you to relax and unlocks your vital energy to help you regain our sense of balance in the face of the modern world. And our Reiki and Swedish massage sessions are combined for an amazing relaxation experience.

But Ancient Arts Healing Center offers more than massage. We practice the most modalities of alternative and ancient therapies in the area, from holistic healthcare and naturopathy to massage and energy treatment. Our staff includes Alice Kooker, our holistic healthcare practitioner, who can devise a healthy eating lifestyle plan that can change the way you eat and teach you to understand food as medicine and as an integral part of healthy living. Our staff also includes Dr. Marcus Padluchick, our naturopathic physician, with 28 years of experience in traditional and holistic medicine. Marcus is the inventor of ONE Energy Work, which seeks to balance the electrical energy all around us by allow us to be conduits for that energy — a practice guided by the scientific principle that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transferred.

Ancient Arts Healing Center also offers classes in a range of holistic care topics so that you can better fit long-established Eastern healing methods into your life, wherever you are. For our array of services, we use a full range of natural products — most fully organic and none tested on animals — to treat you.

Come see us at our location in Ibis Plaza, on Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton, or visit us online at www.AncientArtsHealing.com, and let us help you balance your mind, body, and soul.

Ancient Arts Healing Center, 3535 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 102, Hamilton. 609-586-7700. www.ancientartshealing.com.

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