‘Tele-medicine is filled with the road kill of prior generations of devices,” says Dan Conley of the NJ Entrepreneurs Forum. But he and several other start-up entrepreneurs think the time is finally here for tele-medicine to takes its place in the health care industry.

The New Jersey Entrepreneurs Forum will devote its May meeting to learning more about tele-medicine start-ups on Thursday, May 13, at 4 p.m. at the Center for Commercialization of Innovative Technology in New Brunswick. Cost: $40. Register at www.njef.org.

The group will also hear from venture Investor John Moroney, president and founder of Landmark Financial Corporation, which advises life sciences companies on funding and operational management.

Moroney founded Landmark in 1983. In 1991 he co-founded Flemington Pharmaceutical Corporation (now NovaDel Pharmaceuticals), a development-stage drug delivery company, where he served for 10 years as CEO and president. He also is director and CEO of Juvent, a medical technology company based in Ireleand and Somerset.

Under Moroney, a native of Ireland, Juvent opened a manufacturing plant in Ireland and and quickly won the right to market an osteoporosis treatment outside the United States.

Prior to founding Landmark he spent 10 years in commercial banking with Citibank, United Jersey Bank, and Midlantic Bank. He earned his bachelor’s and M.B.A. from Fordham.

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